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We all have moments we wish we had caught on camera, from the license plate number of the person who broke your car to a thief caught in the act of stealing from your home. Unfortunately, it’s hard to keep an eye on those who would do you harm, and it’s especially hard to catch a criminal if they know someone is watching.

Spy cameras, call them what you want: Hidden cameras, security cameras, surveillance equipment; the purpose is the same: to protect yourself and your loved ones from groups of people with bad intentions. Unlike large round cameras mounted on retail store ceilings or outdoor surveillance cameras, spy cameras are all about discreetness, both in size and overall appearance.

While you may be imagining a teddy bear with a blinking red eye from a dramatic TV show or a body camera disguised as a shirt button from a 007 movie, real spy camera come in all shapes and sizes with many diverse features. .

From one-inch covert mini-cameras that are easily carried to everyday objects like watches and chargers with hidden recording devices, today’s spy cameras are capable of live streaming, night vision, motion detection and more.

So whether you’re looking for peace of mind while the babysitter cares for your kids or to stop a thief, we’re here to help. After careful research and analysis, we have compiled ten of the best spy cameras on the market to be your extra eyes.

 Omples Hidden Spy Camera Watch

If you are looking for a device that serves multiple purposes and has cutting-edge features, the Omples Hidden Camera Clock is the spy camera for you. Not only is this a useful option as a work clock, but the hidden spy camera inside makes the Omples one of the more discreet options as well.

This watch has a powerful camera capable of crystal clear video quality with an adjustable angle and ten “glow-free” infrared LED lights to support excellent night vision recording. WiFi compatible, Omples seamlessly connects to an app for quick and easy access to all its great features, including live video streaming and motion detection notifications.

To switch between live streaming and recording, simply insert a 32GB micro SD card. The camera can record continuously when connected, so you don’t have to worry about battery life.

A hidden spy camera inside an everyday object is what makes the Omples design so special. There is no need to worry about camouflaging a small black cube with surrounding objects because no one would suspect that there is a hidden camera in such an inconspicuous watch.

The Omples is also easy to set up as the clock function is battery powered, and the camera has a rechargeable battery that is easily charged using the included USB cable. Unlike other units that become more obvious when charging, no one would think twice about a wired watch.

The novel design and great software will likely make the Omples Hidden Camera Watch a more expensive option, but it’s a reliable, durable device with stellar customer service, making the price worth it.


  • App-enabled video live streaming
  • 24/7 recording option with SD card
  • AA Battery Powered Clock
  • Li-ion battery powered camera


  • Product Dimensions: 5.9 x 2.8 x 7.1 inches
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080P HD
  • Night vision? Yes
  • Compatible with: WiFi and 32GB micro SD card
  • Brand: Omples


  • Clear video quality
  • Strong night vision capabilities
  • Well camouflaged camera
  • Unique motion detection notification feature


  • Unclear warranty period
  • Does not support 5G


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