Adam Dodd is not a well-known name in English football. He is a defender for United of Manchester, a semi-professional team in the Northern Premier League.

Adam Dodd, who plays in the seventh tier league in English football, said he suffered a heart attack on the night of June 3. Dodd survived because his girlfriend extended a helping hand.
Dodd joined United of Manchester in 2019 from Bamber Bridge, a team in the Northern Premier League. Since then, the 29-year-old fullback has become popular with the club’s supporters.

In an open letter to United of Manchester supporters, the footballer said that his girlfriend and doctor had taken immediate action to save his life. Dodd, like the Danish star Christian Eriksen, survived last Euro because his doctor gave him a quick automatic defibrillator. My girlfriend slept with me. She woke up a few hours later when I was having a heart attack. My heart stopped beating and I was dying. I couldn’t breathe. She (the lover) realizes this and calls for emergency medical care and arranges for artificial respiration (CPR). The ambulance arrived 16 minutes later. Without CPR, I could have died or my brain would have become paralyzed. There is a 3% chance of surviving out of hospital after a heart attack. ‘
Dodd then wrote, ‘After the ambulance arrived, I was given a shock with a defibrillator and after trying for a while, my heart started beating. I was placed in the intensive care unit at Blackpool Hospital. There, after four days of coma, I regained consciousness. The doctors thought that my brain would become paralyzed, and they weren’t sure if I would wake up again. What a nightmare my lover has not spent time. He wasn’t sure if I would ever wake up again, or if I would regain consciousness, I was afraid my brain would become paralyzed. ‘

Adam Dodd now wants to work to raise awareness about how to give CPR to someone with a heart attack. Now this footballer is in the process of recovering. He will not be able to return to the field until he is fully recovered. Dodd expressed his gratitude to everyone for getting his life back.
According to United of Manchester coach Neil Reynolds, Dodd has an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) implanted in his chest. It is a small electronic device, like a pacemaker, which automatically works to keep the heart rate normal with shock when the possibility of a heart attack arises. The same device has been placed on Ericsson’s chest.

Eriksen suffered a heart attack on the field last Euro. Eriksen recovered at the hospital after an initial hazard on the field due to the efforts of his national teammates and doctors. ICDO is placed on the chest. He played for English Premier League side Brentford last season. Now teams like Manchester United and Tottenham are keen to sign Eriksen.


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