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If you are buying a house and want to hire a professional home inspector in California, you will need to understand the differences between generalists and specialists. Here are some rules for hiring home inspectors:

Unlicensed and certified home inspectors

There are pros and cons to having a home inspector who is certified but unlicensed. Licensed inspectors are more thorough, which may lead to higher prices, but unlicensed inspectors can get into a mess and may not be as trustworthy. If you’re in California, you should consider hiring a certified home inspector. Otherwise, you might risk getting ripped off. However, if you’re not careful, you could end up in a muddy situation.

Another disadvantage to hiring an unlicensed and uncertified home inspector is that you won’t know if they’ve found any hazards in the house, such as lead paint. Home inspectors in California are not required to look for asbestos, mold, or lead. They’re also not allowed to check for illicit drugs or drug-making equipment in the home. They also don’t have to figure out how much a home is worth or if it can be sold.


There are two main types of home inspectors in California: generalists and specialists. Generalists look for damage and defects in the home, while specialists give a sense of the price. Home inspectors are usually paid by the seller or buyer, but sometimes appraisers will require a home inspection as part of the sale. Here’s how to choose between generalists and specialists. While a generalist inspects most of the home, you may need specific services like radon testing and roof inspection.

Choosing a generalist is not an easy task. Not only are there a number of licensing requirements, but you can also become self-employed as a home inspector in California. However, it may be better to go with someone who has experience in this field. The ASHI website offers guidelines, and CREIA is an association that oversees the California Real Estate Inspection Industry. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the California Real Estate Inspection Association’s Standards of Practice before hiring an inspector. The SOPs give a clear picture of what a home inspector should do.


While the state does not license home inspectors, there have been numerous pieces of legislation that have impacted their work. These laws are known as “sunrise studies” and describe the nature of business and the need for regulation. California has seen three such studies since 1986, the first of which was widely discredited. The second study was conducted by the California Association of Realtors in 1994. The third study was created by the California Coalition of Home Inspectors in 1999 and was included in SB 1216.

Besides the structure and systems of the house, a good home inspector will also check the physical components. This includes windows, doors, and major appliances. The inspector will also examine the paint, floor surfaces, and doors, as well as the foundation. Finally, they will check for pest infestations and the land surrounding the home. They will check drainage, grading, and whether or not there are any plants that could affect the house.

Rules for hiring

When it comes to home inspections in California, there are a few rules that you should be aware of. COVID-19 specifies that a home inspector must not inspect the home with any other people present. It also requires home inspectors to follow professional standards and have liability insurance. A good home inspector will also have education and training in home inspections. Once you know the rules for hiring a home inspector, you can hire them with confidence.

First, a home inspector cannot be licensed to practice unless he or she is certified by the California Building Code. In California, these inspectors are required to conduct the inspection with reasonable care. This requirement is in place to protect the public. If the inspector is not licensed, he or she must conduct the inspection with reasonable care. Otherwise, it may not be able to give you the right information. Also, a licensed home inspector should give you the information you need to make an informed choice.


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