Importance of an Outrigger Pad
Importance of an Outrigger Pad

An outrigger pad provides a safe foundation for aerial equipment and cranes, as well as concrete pumping equipment. Its heavy-duty design allows it to handle huge compressive forces. Its 1-inch-thick tubing protects the base from warping, and it’s highly resistant to impact.

Outrigger pads come in a variety of sizes and materials. You should choose the material that is most durable based on the weight of your equipment and the ground bearing capacity of your vessel. Typically, a two-by-two-foot pad weighs around 30 pounds. They’re also chemical resistant and waterproof. They’re safer than wooden pads. Regardless of whether you’re buying a pre-made pad or creating one from scratch, you’ll want a pad that will withstand the elements.

For the best outrigger protection, choose a non-conductive outrigger pad. The Safety Tech outrigger pads are non-conductive and made of a proprietary engineered thermoplastic. They’re also guaranteed against splintering, cracking, and breaking. The material’s high-density foam is a great alternative to wood outrigger crane pads.

Synthetic outrigger pads have improved defense against chemicals and moisture. They’re also less expensive and easier to find than wood outrigger pads. In addition, synthetic outrigger pads weigh half as much as their wood counterparts. Furthermore, they won’t absorb moisture or extra weight due to increased flexion.

An outrigger pad is a great way to protect your crew and equipment during lifting operations. These pads are ideal for a variety of types of equipment. You should choose the one that is right for your specific needs based on the type of equipment you have and the type of ground conditions. By doing so, you’ll avoid voids and open cavities that can cause damage to your equipment. The outrigger pad will prevent this from happening, while also preserving the stability of your equipment.

Medium-duty outrigger pads for crane provide superior support and reduce the risk of tipping your vehicle over. They also prevent damage to paved surfaces. In addition, Safety Tech outrigger pad are lightweight, and the material is non-conductive and anti-magnetic. The textured surface helps you maintain a grip even when your vehicle is tilted.

Outrigger pads help spread weight evenly over a larger surface area, which allows for greater weight distribution. In addition to helping stabilize heavy equipment, these pads protect machinery. Outriggers and stabilizers are often used together. It’s important to choose the right outrigger pad for your specific application. A custom-designed outrigger pad will ensure that your equipment stays safe. When you choose to use one, make sure to carefully check the manufacturer’s warranty before purchasing.

An outrigger pad is a good idea to protect your valuable assets and employees. When using a crane, it’s important to keep a stable load to prevent accidents and injuries. Outriggers can be manually operated or hydraulic and will keep the crane stable during lifts. They can also distribute the load over a larger area for increased safety.


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