Once your tarpaulin is installed it should remain there, fully intact and in good condition for many years to come.

TentsRus looks at some of the situations where you could find yourself needing a replacement tarpaulin:

  • Tarpaulins are commonly used for temporary storage, the tarpaulin being stretched over a frame to create an instant weatherproof shelter. TentsRus can advise you on what tarpaulin is best suited to your requirements and budget. We also have a variety of other accessories available including wall liners, pegs etc.
  • When choosing replacement tarpaulins it’s important to take into account the weight of the load that will be expected to pass over them each year, as well as how many vehicles will need access across them. The stress put on roofs by foot traffic should not be underestimated – this article might help explain why! We can supply all of our tarpaulins in a variety of weights, so finding your perfect match should not be too difficult.
  • If you have to use nails or sharp objects to keep your tarpaulin in place, chances are that it is too light-weight for the job required – nobody wants pieces of polythene flapping against their head when they’re trying to relax!
  • We have an excellent selection of heavy duty, tough woven fabrics which will all be easy to install and durable enough to stand up under any weather conditions. We can also offer fire retardant grades if this is something you require.
  • TentsRus understands the importance of quality; we stock only top-grade products from the leading brand manufacturers, and we’re sure to have exactly what you need when it comes to replacement tarpaulins.
  • We can supply our standard specialist sizes (usually five or six meter widths) but we also make larger pieces available upon request; if you cannot see your exact size, please contact us with your special order and we will work with you to find a solution. Due to the high-tech nature of some of our fabrics, often bespoke components may be required – please feel free to ask for details.
  • Despite being manufactured from plastic-based materials, if treated carefully all of our fabrics will last well over twelve years in good conditions. We have been supplying large-scale event organizers with our items for many years and have a wealth of experience when it comes to bespoke designs.


Q. How long can my tarpaulins stay up?

A. Provided the weight of the load is appropriate, our tarpaulins should remain in place for many years without any issues – however if there are heavy winds or other unsuitable weather conditions then it may be advisable to take them down, just to play safe!

Q. What’s the best way to ensure my replacement tarpaulin lasts as long as possible?

A. When not in use, your tarpaulin should always be stored rolled-up neatly on its side; this will prevent creasing and therefore extend the life expectancy of the fabric. Tents us also recommends that you store it in the shade, if possible

Q. Can I order over the phone?

A. Yes

Q. Do you stock spare tarpaulin covers for older models?

A- Unfortunately we do not; however our engineers are often able to recycle old covers into new products so long as they are still in good condition and free of any damage (please see ‘recycled’ grade)

Q. What’s your turnaround time? (How quickly can you deliver?)

A. Tarpaulins are usually dispatched 2-3 working days after your order is placed – if you need something quicker; please feel free to contact us to see what our current turnaround time is.


Our tarpaulins are designed to last for many years, and come with a variety of weights – so hopefully we shouldn’t have too much trouble matching your requirements! Whether you need an extra sturdy fabric, or something suitable to protect your load from the elements; we’re sure we can help.


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