Now that you know how to use virtual background in Teams, it’s time to customize your visuals. Your background is an excellent marketing opportunity when you meet with clients online, so you should make the most of it. How can you make the best impression in a visual format? The answer is more straightforward than you might think.

Why Visuals Attract Potential Customers

Human beings rely heavily on sight, so catering to this sense is an excellent marketing strategy. Of course, not every sign has the same effect. You must appeal to consumers’ innate desires and tendencies to create a solid connection.

Naturally Engaging

Eye-catching colors naturally draw attention, but photos offer more than a palette. Images of relatable people spark viewers’ imagination.

Memorable Experiences

A short video or beautiful image can make a lasting impression on viewers. Ths lingering memory benefits your business since consumers are more likely to remember your enterprise.

Which Visual Aspects Most Significantly Impact Marketing

Graphic designers spend years learning their trade, and their expertise reaches beyond mere aesthetics. Ads and other marketing images are a form of communication with plenty of subtle cues. If you want complete control over what your ads say, you need to understand the finer points of visual communication.


Studies show that colors affect emotions, so you need to choose your palette carefully. Keep the following effects in mind as you look at potential shades:

  • Red: This intense hue is common on warning signs because of its inherent urgency.
  • Yellow: Shades of yellow promote positivity and brighten surrounding images.
  • Green: Since plants are overwhelmingly green, this color is closely associated with nature.
  • Blue: Science shows that shades of blue are calming, so consumers subconsciously associate it with trustworthiness.


Is your ad easy to read? Do the elements flow smoothly? Visual organization covers both of these concerns. If your marketing materials are poorly organized, consumers will get confused and negatively think about your brand.

What Kinds of Visuals You Should Use

Beyond backgrounds for Google Meet, you have many opportunities to embrace visual marketing on social media, paid ads and your own website. Internet users crave diversity, so using many types of visuals is to your benefit. Fortunately, the online space is optimized for this media.


Internet users respond well to videos, so they’re a popular addition to websites and social media posts. To get the most engagement, use high-quality recording equipment and hire a professional editor. Consumers expect polished results from companies, so an obvious do-it-yourself approach won’t cut it.


Pictures can be immensely engaging, but there’s a significant difference between stock photos and real snapshots. While stock photos may be more affordable, consumers don’t connect to them as easily and may feel your ads are inauthentic.


Colorful, informative infographics grab attention and educate at once. If you want to showcase data, an infographic is the perfect way.

Tools such as Zoom Virtual Office can help you take full advantage of visual communication’s many benefits. With a thoughtful marketing plan and innovative images, you can make a huge impact on consumers.


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