Children like to imitate their parents. If they crawl on their phone or behind the laptop, children naturally want that too. 😉 But giving a child their own phone is often a step too far. Especially when they are still young. remote control car tool kits you still want to have a device that you dare to give with peace of mind, because you know for sure that it is safe and children do not encounter certain things on the internet. Or that you can monitor usage or screen time.

The Kurio Tab is a children’s tablet that meets all those requirements and expectations. Kurio is the safest and best tested children’s tablet on the market. We have already posted reviews of this, because this brand celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. And the new Kurio Tab Ultra 2 also effortlessly passes our test. The big advantage is that your child then has his own tablet and therefore no longer has to share.

Kurio is the children’s tablet brand of Eldohm. For 10 years, Kurio has been developing tablets that safely introduce children to technology and the internet. The tablets are handy in size and easy to handle by children’s hands. The Kurio tablets are perfect for children to relax, learn or be creative without any worries. After the test by my own children, this tablet goes to the niece who likes to stay here, because we have a ‘screen hour’ here in the house from 5 o’clock until we go to dinner and she would like to play games or watch movies on the tablet. For example, she is a big fan of Shimmer & Shine, which is available via the Nickelodeon app.

When you install the tablet, all you have to do is select which apps you actually want to activate for your child. The installation also speaks for itself, the manual was not necessary for us.

More than 70 kid-friendly and educational apps and games are pre-set up on each Kurio tablet, and the Kurio Tab Ultra 2 even has an exclusive license for apps from Paw Patrol which makes it extra fun. For example, children can look directly at NPO Zappelin and learn to count and recognize colors with Arty Mouse. But also an app from the European Space Agency teaches them the first facts about space in a playful way. Vocabulary and spelling knowledge are increased and they can take their first steps into the world of programming. In addition, they can play all kinds of different fun games. Some of the games are in English.

Of course, you can also download other favorite apps from your child such as Netflix and Disney+ via Google Play. The apps are divided into different categories such as playing, but also media or watching. This way you can also keep an eye on what your child is doing and, for example, set restrictions that after x number of minutes of watching videos, educational games are also played.

Secure online with Kurio Genius

The Kurio tablet allows children to safely use the internet and various apps, as the tablet is equipped with a software that allows parents to monitor screen time, volume and what they watch/download. Safety is paramount at Kurio and that is why the tablets are equipped with the Kurio Genius™ system. The system gives parental controls in use, makes it possible to set time limits and blocks species-unfriendly content and apps. For example, all websites that are not suitable for children’s eyes are automatically blocked. In addition, you can add or remove apps per user in case siblings use them.

Tablets provide a moment of rest on a busy day, for both child and parent. Because there is always a discussion about screen time, you can set time limits on each Kurio. For example, you can choose that the tablet can only be used between 15:00 and 16:00 on weekdays and from 10:00 to 12:00 on weekends. When the playing time is over, the tablet temporarily indicates this and will automatically go out. Your child knows where he /she stands, without giving endless signals and can play outside. For example, it is advised to let children under the age of 3 sit behind a screen for a maximum of 10 minutes in a row and then let them play physically again.

The tablets are also equipped with a blue light filter, which ensures that the screen is calm for the eyes. The Kurio tablets have automatic hearing protection, also watching videos and listening to music is safe. This also limits the volume via, for example, headphones so that you can be sure that your child does not suffer hearing damage.

If your little one accidentally spills some food or drink on the tablet, that is no problem, because the tablet is a tamper test. This means that drops of water can fall over it and the tablet continues to work. The tablet is not waterproof, so when the product falls into a container with water, it is unfortunately over with the fun.

The Kurio children’s tablet comes with a durable and environmentally friendly silicone protective case in pink or blue. As a result, the tablet is optimally protected against scratches, bumps and shocks, and against damage in the event of a fall. Thanks to the included stand, you can easily place the tablet on the table and look. If something does break; then you have a two-year warranty on the tablet.

In the car

One of the places where the children’s tablet comes in handy is in the car. We do not have screens or anything like that in the car. In addition,best rc car tricks the advantage of a tablet is that you can also easily take it with you. Are you on the road or are you without internet? Even then, the tablet can still be used! Even without Wi-Fi, you can use many fun apps and games that are already installed by default on the tablet.

Kurio has developed a special car kit that fits well with this tablet and you can be sure that it is securely attached. Previously, we have tried a cheaper alternative, but it quickly became loose or could not handle the weight of the tablet. You simply clamp this between the headrest of the car seat after which you slide the tablet between them. You can adjust the angle of the tablet so that your child can see it well. Then your child can easily play games or watch a movie, without you having to worry about him falling to the ground.

Other accessories

In addition, Kurio has also developed special headphones, so that your child can play or watch undisturbed on the tablet without the rest of the company being bothered by it. And of course, these headphones also meet all safety requirements such as the sound that is not too loud.

Technical data

The Kurio Tab Ultra 2 is the premium model tablet from Kurio with large memory and exclusive content from the #1 license in the market, PAW Patrol. Advantages of the Kurio Tab Ultra 2:

With YouTube Kids, Google Classroom, and Koekeltjes set up

With exclusive content from the pre-installed license – Paw Patrol

With extra content from Nickelodeon such as Dora and Shimmer & Shine

Including stand to set up the tablet

Matching accessories such as built-in, bag/sleeve, or car kit are available

32 GB memory and 7-inch screen. If you find the memory insufficient, it is very useful to put an SD card in it. This allows you to download hours of Netflix movies to watch offline during, for example, a long car ride.

Android OS: Android 10GO

Video calling and chatting with the Twinme app

Finally, this children’s tablet is very affordable compared to other tablets.

Still, a small side note; for example, if you are used to an iPad or a ‘normal’ tablet, it can seem a bit slow at first. However, the children themselves do not notice this.

In addition to this tablet, there is also a lite variant, which forms an affordable entry-level model and an XL variant with a larger screen.

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