Who doesn’t love parties? Especially if they come with eye-catching door prizes (A prize awarded to a successful ticket holder at the entrance to the party or event). So, if you want your company’s Christmas party to be a great hit, you can arrange for fabulous door prizes. These may be for only a selected number of attendants. Then relax and sit back. Surprise gifts cause much hype and ensure the attendance and active enthusiasm of most company staff.

Here, deciding on the top door prize ideas can take much thought. Your budget comes first. For example, you decide that 10 out of 100 employees will be given awesome gifts of high quality. Or you may reward small-scale prizes to nearly all staff to make their Christmas party memorable. You put up more door prizes as a result.

Let’s help you decide on some top door prize ideas for a company Christmas party this year. You can have a peek here for more door prize ideas.

1. Gift Cards/ Certificates

A gift card or certificate is one of the most common, yet best, door prizes. Receiving a gift certificate lets the winner choose the type of prize they would like to buy. What’s the benefit of a particular gift if the winner of the prize doesn’t need it or likes it?

Examples can include gift certificates to spas, restaurants or hotels. But not everybody uses these. The best thing can be to pay a small purchase fee, say $5, to gift a door prize of a $25 Gift Card. VISA/AMEX gift cards can be handy during Christmas and bought quickly.

2. Gift Baskets

Who doesn’t love a gift basket as a Christmas party door prize? So many options are available to fill up a gift basket. A rightly packed gift basket gives the perfect festive vibes to the prize winner. You may put delicious treats in it to complement the Christmas spirit. Such as a fancy gourmet box of delicious chocolates or a basket mix of caramels and candies. Another gift basket idea is to put mixed toiletries in the basket like shampoo, conditioner or aftershave.

3. Custom Company-related Products

Rewarding customized company products is a great way to bond with your company employees. You also get to promote your company logo. Many door prize ideas come into it:

  • A ceramic mug bearing the company name logo to drink hot chocolate or hot coffee on Christmas
  • Company logo printed T-shirts
  • Stylized pen with casing
  • Sound repressing headphones, useful in cubic office environment etc.

4. Travel Vouchers

You may reward vacations to a select few staff with travel vouchers from popular airlines and hotels. Book a great travel agent and connect your winner employees with him to cover all details. Dreamy travel holidays make up for a high-standard door prize and make a Christmas party perfect for the winners.

5. Paid Leave/Vacation

A much sought after but given less frequently door prize is paid leave. This gift alone ensures the attendance of all company employees. You only need to balance the amount of company workload and the number of paid vacations rewarded.

6. Corporate Benefits

Some company perks like Special season tickets, opera box seats, gym membership or a weekend at the company owner’s famous beach house make up for splendid door prize ideas at a company Christmas party.

End Note

While selecting the top door prize ideas at your company Christmas party this year, just be sure to give something relevant and valuable to your employees.


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