In interior design, colors are one of the major elements to add impression. It can make or break the appearance of the space, hence, to choose the designed home colour design, one must put extra care into choosing the right home color. Since they cover 60 percent of your space, choosing the color isn’t easy. Hence, we have shortlisted some of the helpful tips to choose colors for an appealing result.

1.Use Light Color Palette For Home If You Have Small Rooms

When your house has less space and compact rooms, one should be particular in deciding the right home colors to avoid a cave-like appearance. Avoid dark colors as they cause the place to look cramped. Instead, choose soft tones like off-white, light green, and blues or even the pastel shades. They prepare the space to view brighter, inviting yet cozy. If you have a fancy for whites, opt for subtler whites like butter, and cream than flashy whites. The latter makes the place appear soulless and cold.

2.Paint Low Ceiling Same Color As Walls

Home color tricks work wonders in giving an illusion of a bigger space. In the space where you have a low ceiling, always choose the same color of the wall or a lighter shade or white for the ceiling. This same color concept blurs the line between the walls, making the room look bigger and taller. For example, the painter in Delhi chose cream colored walls and light white colors for the ceiling. It gave the appearance of elevated and capacious rooms.

3.Same Shade For Home Matching To Furniture

The vibe of the house primarily depends on the color chosen. Home can be bright, lively, soft, peppy, relaxing, warm, etc. Thus, choosing the color for the house the right way is of utmost importance in deciding the aura of the space. If natural and organic is your taste, opt for earthy tones like brown, soft yellow, etc. For a subtle and soothing vibe, choose soft tones like cream, pink, lavender, turquoise blue, etc. If you are someone who always loves the feeling of cheerful, peppy, and upbeat, you should opt for colors like red, orange, purple, and other vibrant shades. Likewise, one can decide the color scheme relevant to separate rooms too.

4.Choose Two Different Shade of the Same Color To Zone Areas

There is so much one can do with colors in interior designing. You can zone out the different areas with the help of colors. If you have an open space, you can select two colors of the same shade to create demarcations. One can use the same color of one room in the other to create a uniform flow. This technique helps in giving a larger space appearance, making the house look bigger yet symmetrical. To do color matching, using the same color accents is also the trick.

5.Home Color Matching As Per Architectural Structures

One of the simplest ways to choose the right colors is by choosing colors based on the architectural structures of the house. Choosing one color for the house wall and the other color for the features like door casings, wainscots, wall moldings, etc. is one of the appealing ways to give an attractive appearance to the house. Usually, a dark brown shade or wooden finish is used for door casings and wainscots.

6.Mix And Match Stripes And Prints

For someone who loves stripes and two-tone color schemes, vertical stripes are perfect to create a height illusion in a limited space. You can select white stripes combined with your favorite color stripe. Mix and match work wonders with stripes. You can combine it with printed wallpaper in the same room and style the walls.

Home painting and color matching are indispensable parts of interior design. Just keeping in mind how you wish the space to feel will help you decide on the right colors. Also, these tips will work like magic in helping you decide the home color and its vibe without making your space look narrow.


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