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Singapore is an up-and-coming metropolis. It has a rich cultural heritage and a rapidly modernizing infrastructure. It has natural beauty as well as its seemingly endless list of attractions, which range from stunning shopping malls, world class museums, diverse city life, to some of the world’s best cuisine. But despite having so much to offer—the country has also recently developed into one of the most competitive and competitive countries in the world for work passes for foreigners hundreds of companies are clamoring for employees who are willing to relocate here to help fuel Singapore’s economic growth over the last few decades.

But for those who are just recent graduates in South East Asia, the cost of living in Singapore will be a challenge. As much as the economic benefits that come from a work pass can outweigh the cost of living, purchasing a work pass will come with its own set of challenges. A work pass can be obtained if you are from territories that have a free trade agreement with Singapore, you meet other requirements such as occupation (do not apply if you have been convicted of any crimes or company misconduct such as falsifying documents or tax evasion), minimum salary, qualifications (need at least two years of experience and should be coming to Singapore to take up permanent employment) and character assessment (conducts a background check on your personal history). 

But for those who are just recent graduates in South East Asia, the cost of living in Singapore will be a challenge. As much as the economic benefits that come from a work pass can outweigh the cost of living, purchasing a work pass will come with its own set of challenges.

This is why it is important to go through a recruitment agency that can ease the stresses of relocating to and securing permanent residence in Singapore. A recruitment agency ensures that you comply with the standards set by the Department of Manpower and helps you with the application process. It also helps in providing information on how you can save costs, such as being able to share an apartment or house rather than live alone. At times, a good recruitment agency can help shortlist companies for you depending on your qualifications, experience and career goals so you will only be applying for positions that are suitable for your skills and career path.

Why some people almost always make/save money on work passes in Singapore

One of the most popular ways for people to make money in Singapore is to get a work pass, which allows them to stay in Singapore for an extended period of time (typically 6 months). However, some people may be unsure if it’s actually worth the hassle and fees involved. This article will explain how work passes work and how some people can almost always make or save money on these passes!

People in Singapore who are currently studying or working can apply for a work pass. However, you usually need to find a company that will sponsor your work pass application. The main reason for this is because Singapore wants to screen and select the companies that are allowed to hire foreigners. This is good in theory – however, it eliminates the possibility of using work passes as a method of making money. Now, if you’re already working in Singapore and can work full time, it may make sense to just get a work pass. After all, you’ll be able to make more money working full time than you would doing freelance gigs. However, there are ways to use no-fee work passes to your advantage…


Some people in Singapore are eligible for a type of work pass that doesn’t require them to leave the country – it’s called a non exitisation work pass. For example, these types of passes exist for people who got a student pass and have studied in Singapore for at least 1 year. So if you got a student pass and studied in the country for at least 1 year, you might be eligible for a non exitisation work pass! What’s more, you’ll only have to pay $150 to get one. So that certainly makes it very easy for people to save money on this type of work pass.

However, many people are still unsure if it’s even worth getting one of these passes – after all, they don’t typically allow you to make as much money as a normal work pass.

Take Advantage Of These Secret Techniques To Improve Work Passes Singapore

Do you wish that you could get more done at work? Are you tired of feeling like your time is being wasted? If so, then we have just the solution for you! Below are 5 tips to help you maximize your time and produce better work on the job. You’ll be able to spend less time in meetings, less time in transit, and less time doing menial tasks. You’ll also find that your mental health will improve as a consequence of getting more done!

1. Work from home: A study from Stanford showed that employees who worked from home were 13% happier than their peers who had to commute into the office every day.

2. Take advantage of telecommuting: If you’re getting tired of spending so much time in meetings and on the road, then let’s make use of technology to help you be more productive. If telecommuting is not an option for you, then consider using a flexible scheduling program like Eforce or Teleport. These two options can help you maximize your productivity by allowing you to get more done in less time.

3. Do the work early: Many people like to do the work only once a week, but that might not be optimal for productivity. One study showed that employees who worked earlier in the day were 19% more productive than their peers with normal schedules.

4. Junk the meetings: The productivity crisis that many companies face is due to the fact that people are spending so much time in meetings. If you want to be more productive and get more done, then the first thing you should do is to junk the meetings!

5. Take advantage of a purpose designed work environment: One study showed that downtime can be up to twice as productive if employees are given a purpose-built work environment . That means that you’re going to have to pay for it, but it could make all the difference in your productivity.

6. Invest in technology: Many people believe that it’s impossible for people to work more hours without cutting back on quality, but this is not true.  A study from the University of Southern California showed that employees who used technology were 19% more productive than those without it. This means that it is critical to invest in the right tools for your organization.

7. Use an app for recurring tasks: You should avoid using paper at all costs, because it is a huge time suck. Instead, use an app to keep track of recurring tasks like scheduling and emailing. A good option would be Clear , which allows you to schedule recurring events with ease.


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