No-budget Marketing

How to promote your product or services if you have little or no money for marketing?

Promotion Through Micro Leaders on Facebook

Micro leaders are people who are opinion leaders for a particular subculture. For example, marketing directors, IT directors, popular designers, stylists, etc. It is important that they have more than 2-3 thousand subscribers belonging to the target audience segment.

On a commercial or barter basis, a micro leader can publish a post informing about your product or service. This post is seen by the target audience.

Next, you run a targeted Facebook campaign on the same audience. The user encounters the ad and remembers that one of his friends had recently used the service. The psychological barrier is removed, he is now more inclined to buy. So the conversion from advertising grows several times over.

The difficulty is that there is no exchange, which would regulate the interaction with the microleaders of Facebook.

These people have to search for them, send them emails, sort the answers, and this work cannot be automated. It is also not possible to select opinion leaders using mathematics – Facebook does not provide parsing services.

Let’s see how it happens in practice. Suppose you launch a new online casino in the Philippines. Go to the page of the person you are interested in, which, let’s say, has 50 thousand subscribers. From this number, you manually sort out those who have more than 2-3 thousand friends, and from them you choose those who live in the Philippines. Then you assess how suitable these people are for partner integration.

Cross Promotion With Awarding in the Partner’s Currency

Cross promotion is the joint execution of advertising campaigns. Companies with the same or similar target audiences agree to cooperate. For example, many Western fashion brands arrange collaborations with each other. A simple and effective example of cross-promotion is joint mailings.

For this method, you need to find a brand whose target audience is similar to yours, and offer to prepare a joint newsletter or other promotion. And you can give the user of the affiliate base a reward from the affiliate service.

The main thing is to negotiate with your partner to provide a bonus in the form of free access to his product. His audience may be unfamiliar with your product, so it will be difficult to interest them with a discount.

Use a discount on your product as an additional motive to buy.

Offer for Company Employees: Discounts → Mailings

If your target audience is concentrated within, or interacts closely with, specific employing companies, the question arises as to how to reach these centralizing companies. Within many of them, there is such a position as communication manager. This is a person who is responsible for communications within the company, non-material motivation of employees, and the like. This specialist often does mailings with a special offer to the employee base. If you can get on that mailing list, that’s a win.

Let’s see how it works in practice. You need to send such a message to the managers of these companies: “Hi! I represent such-and-such a startup, and I would like to make a unique offer for your company: a discount on the first service in order to test it… We provide this service to you for free. Try it twice, and if you like it, we’ll make an offer for your employees”.

It’s important to make a really good offer on entry, because the success of the campaign depends on it. Offers for employees need to change every month: now you give a discount, then “1+1”, then “buy 2, get 3”. Thus, by changing the offers, you can organize a new newsletter time after time. This tool is good because you essentially establish direct contact with your target audience for free.

If you can get part of the team interested, information about your product will spread very quickly, because corporate employees are a fairly active audience within their niche.


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