Rainy Season
Rainy Season

Everyone loves the sound of rain, the bright green trees, and the smell of earth combined with blooming flowers. The monsoon is undoubtedly one of the best seasons. There are plenty of reasons to make you fall in love with the monsoon. One of the best benefits of monsoon is that it indicates the end of the scorching summer months. Monson provides relief from the sun. 

However, every season comes with its pros and cons. From power breakdowns to road accidents, the monsoon can cause significant trouble that will impact your daily life. Therefore, you need to make proper preparation during the monsoon season. If you want to enjoy the rain without facing any problems, you need to remember some crucial tips. Here are the top 6 tips you should know to stay safe during the monsoon. 

Do Not Touch the Electric Wires

This is one of the most important things you need to remember to avoid catastrophic accidents during the rainy season. It would help if you always stayed away from the electric wires, especially those that are dangerously hanging from the pole or fallen due to the heavy rain. 

Even though many people don’t know, these wires are live and passing electricity. Therefore, touching those wires could prove life-threatening. If you have kids in your home, make sure you educate them to stay away from the fallen wires during monsoon. If you see fallen electric wire on water, make sure you stay as far away as possible. This is because coming in contact with the water might electrocute you. The electric cables will break due to heavy rainfall. If you notice fallen electric wires, make sure you contact relevant authorities. 

Additionally, don’t park your car directly under the power lines. You should also avoid touching the doorbell when it’s raining, especially if the bell is exposed to water. 

Keep Umbrella and Hat Ready

During the monsoon season, you cannot ignore the importance of umbrellas and hats. When you use both an umbrella and a hat, they will protect you from falling sick. They will also save your valuable items such as your phone, charger, cards, and wallet from possible water damage. If you are against carrying an umbrella, make sure you use a hat. However, you need to pay close attention while choosing hats for the monsoon. Some hats are not waterproof, and they will face permanent damage while coming in contact with water. Therefore, you need to choose waterproof hats from American hat co

It’s also suggested to carry your valuable belongings in a small plastic bag so that even if you get caught in the rain, your belongings won’t be damaged. Make sure you use plastic bags as they are waterproof. 

Purchasing a raincoat and combining it with a high-quality and waterproof hat is also a simple safety tip during the monsoon season. 

Don’t Walk in the Rain

You might think that jumping or walking in the rain is a fun activity, especially if you live in a climate condition where you cannot enjoy this weather too often. 

However, one of the most important safety tips during the monsoon season is to stay away from the water standing on the road. The water might seem clean, but they contain millions of bacteria that can cause fungal infections and viral disease. People who have diabetes are more vulnerable to these bacteria. 

In case you have no other option but to walk in the rain to reach your destination, make sure you thoroughly wash your feet and hand with soap after returning. Additionally, make sure you remove your wet socks. You need to wear rubber boots or covered shoes to protect your feet from the water. 

Don’t Forget the Mosquitoes 

During monsoon, the mosquitoes breed, and therefore, you will have to take necessary precautions to stop them. Taking steps against mosquitoes and other bugs is undoubtedly one of the essential monsoon safety tips. 

Mosquitoes will lay eggs on stagnant water. Hence, monsoon is the perfect season for their breeding. As mosquitoes are the primary cause of malaria, chikungunya, and dengue, you should use electronic mosquito killers or mosquito repellent. Even though the repellent works like magic, make sure you don’t inhale the chemical directly. As per Business Insider, mosquitoes spread yellow fever

Additionally, cover your body with a long-sleeve shirt, pants, and hats. Don’t sit in a dark and damped space for too long. Make sure you install mosquito screens on the windows to prevent mosquitoes from entering your house. This way, you can create a safe and healthy environment for your family. 

Drive Carefully 

Road accidents are expected during the monsoon season. Therefore, the drivers need to drive their vehicles with extreme caution. Since wet roads can become slippery, make sure you don’t speed or overtake any car. If the vehicle behind you is tailgating, ask them to maintain a safe distance. Don’t make any sudden turns as your car’s tires can skid. 

You also need to take proper precautions while riding bikes when it’s raining. Bikes can skid and fall off easily. If you’re driving a car, be advised regarding the bikers around you. 

Don’t forget to stay away from heavy vehicles. Make sure you use an upper beam headlight so that drivers can see your car even during heavy rainfall. Consider checking the brakes, fuel, wipers, and tires before driving in such weather. 

Make Sure the Windows are Closed Properly

Another important monsoon safety tip you need to know. Apart from preventing mosquitoes and bugs from entering your house during the rainy season, you need to ensure that the windows of your house can be closed properly. This is the best way to prevent water from entering your home during heavy rainfall. If you notice signs of water still coming through the window, make sure you contact a carpenter and fix the problem as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the water will damage the flooring and paint. Apart from that, water can also cause electronic issues. 

Don’t forget to protect the furniture items near the doors and windows. This is a crucial monsoon safety tip you should follow. If you think your furniture items are being damaged by water, cover them with plastic sheets and move them away from windows. 


These are the top 6 essential monsoon safety tips you should remember. Make sure you follow these tips so that you can enjoy the weather without any complications. If you have any other questions, make sure you comment below. 


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