The USB-C ports are supposed to be the most efficient ones for the future because they are efficient in drawing power, sending data, and even extending displays. A lot of discussions have been going on regarding Apple’s MacBook Pro and the need for using dongles for connecting to its amazing USB-C ports.  Here we would like to discuss the immense benefits and the top reasons why USB-C ports are becoming popular by the day.

Go Ahead & Charge Anything & Everything

The charging brick required for your MacBook Pro is actually a generic USB-C charger. You could effectively use the USB-C charger for charging everything including your iPad, iPhone, and Mac.

Charge Faster than Ever

When you consider using this for charging other Apple devices, all those devices would be charging much faster than ever. For instance, iPhones would be charging a minimum of twice as fast as when they are charged with a 5-watt adaptor. However, you would be requiring a Lightning cable and a hub.

Dongles for Universal Use

The most important point to keep in mind is that the dongles that are required are USB-C class devices that would be compatible with all USB-C class devices and certainly not just Macs or best CPU. You could consider using the Extreme Pro SD UHS-II Card USB-C Reader/ Writer dongle from SanDisk. You could be using the SanDisk dongle effectively for Mac primarily as an amazing card reading interface. Browse the Internet to learn more about the best USB-C hub for MacBook.

Dongles Are Quite Cheap

Dongles are supposed to be quite affordable. You could easily carry these dongles in your jacket pocket and most importantly they are not expensive at all. However, you must not buy any accessories such as dongles without examining their compliance with the standard specifications that have been issued by the well-known USB Implementers Forum. For technical guidance, all the way, you must consider reading a top-quality USB-C buyer’s guide. You may alternatively purchase from Apple at a huge discount by the end of December.

Portable Charging Now Made Possible

Things could be pretty depressing whenever your Mac is out of charge. Fortunately, Mac is now using USB-C so you could simply plug it directly into a portable power brick, a generic USB-C charger, or a USB-C car charger. From now on if you lose or forget to carry your charger and your Mac runs out of battery, you could simply buy a generic USB-C charger that is available in any shop close by.

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Your Phone Could Be Controlled Using a Mouse

You could now consider plugging your USB-C mouse or keyboard into any device like the iPhone on any platform supporting USB-C and a mouse or a keyboard.

Utilizing Daisy Chaining

In case you are having a USB-C display, you could successfully plug it using one cable to your Mac. Once you do that, you could be plugging into your display all other devices, or the laptop speakers not working and you could now operate all of them using your Mac. This implies that while you are traveling, you have the option of unplugging your Mac and simply carrying with you all the required peripherals.

Conclusion: It Is Thunderbolt Of Course!

The USB-C ports on MacBook Pro are really super-fast. In this context, you must know that all Thunderbolt 3 ports would be working as USB-C ports and all Thunderbolt 3 cables would be effectively working as USB-C cables. When you use USB-C cables with the support of Thunderbolt 3 it would automatically imply that you would enjoy fast data transfers at maximum 40Gbps on the cables or 10Gbps associated with the USB-C peripherals. We have observed that there are many benefits associated with Apple’s shift to USB-C. This would imply that now the MacBook Pro is really compatible with numerous technologies with which perhaps it was not so friendly initially.


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