Burkina Faso citizens have to obtain a visa to enter Turkey. They are under the category of conditional travel authorization wherein one nationality has qualifications to meet. Only Diplomatic passport holders get exempted from the visa requirements. To get a single-entry travel authorization, Burkina Faso citizens have to be a member of the Schengen countries or residency permit in Ireland, the USA, or the United Kingdom.

They can proceed with the online application by visiting Apply Turkey Visa for Burkina Faso Citizens-faso From there, Burkina Faso citizens can fill up and submit minimum requirements anytime and anywhere.

Burkina Faso and Turkey founded bilateral relations after the opening of delegations in each other’s respective territories. Ouagadougou warmly welcomed the Turkish Embassy in 2012. Burkina Faso established their office in Ankara a couple of years after.

Trade and investment have been the foundation of Burkina Faso and Turkey’s economic growth. In 2019, both countries signed an agreement involving the Joint Economic Commission. The Turkish Government also continues to give financial assistance through TIKA and Red Crescent to improve the quality of education in Burkina Faso. Starting 2014, travelers can board nonstop flights from Istanbul to Ouagadougou as part of the side deal.

  Burkina Faso Citizens Qualification For Turkish E-visa

Turkey released a list of eligible nationalities who can share the benefit of the paperless Turkey e Visa application . From the issuance of sticker visas, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided to mitigate the process and make it more convenient for travelers. Citizens of Burkina Faso get the same privilege as countries under the category of Turkish e-Visa. Nationalities in this bracket have common denominators, which are the following:

  • Burkina Faso citizens must have a valid membership in Schengen Area countries or proof of residency in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the United States of America. Turkish Immigration does not accept electronic visas.
  • Burkina Faso citizens must book their flight to one of these airlines: Turkish Airlines, Onur Air, or Pegasus Airlines. These three aviation groups share the same protocols with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Burkina Faso citizens have to show their hotel accommodation booking.
  • Burkina Faso citizens must have proof of financial stability during their stay in Turkey.
  • Burkina Faso citizens aged one-year-old and above have to present a Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate as part of the supporting documents.

E-visa validity will last for 180 days, and Burkina Faso citizens must use it before the expiration date. Turkish Immigration grants a single-entry permit for 30-days travel and should not exceed the given period. Overstaying in Turkey may result in paying penalties and other legal consequences.

  Easy Steps How To Apply For Turkish E-visa Online

Turkish Immigration recommends eligible nationals to utilize their commercial website. With the hassle-free transaction and quick turnaround time, the e-visa application is the best method of getting the required travel authorization. The website is beginner-friendly and has guides translated into different languages. The system does not require uploading a bulk of supporting documents. Burkina Faso citizens need their passport details and fill-up the form with their personal information.

  What Burkina Faso citizens need during the application?

  • Valid passport (6 months validity)
  • Email address (secured and verified)
  • Visa payment (payment channel list available in the portal)

Double-check the details in the form before clicking “Submit”. Once the application gets confirmed, the applicant will no longer have the option to modify it. Update and confirmation of the Turkey Visa for Botswana Citizens will go through the traveler’s registered email. The document is in a downloadable PDF file. Immigration suggests for all travelers to print it along with other supporting documents.

  Turkish Travel Updates

To ensure the safety of all travelers coming in and out of Turkey, the government proposed the following protocols:

  • International passengers aged six and older have to show a negative PCR Test for Passengers Arriving to Turkey . A window should not exceed seventy-two hours before they depart from their country of origin.
  • All arriving passengers have to sign and complete Turkey Entrance Form and Health Declaration Form.
  • All passengers in every port of entry have to wear face masks and face shield during their entire stay.


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