What is the use of tyre dresser

Car detailing runs inclusive of several steps. They aim at cleaning, protecting and boosting the aesthetics of your ride. Tires are the most essential component for every vehicle. Tires help in starting and stopping the vehicle. While it is important to maintain the tire through replacement, rotations and routine pressure monitoring. Keeping the tires clean and safe from UV exposure is of paramount importance as well. 

Car owners turn to tyre dressing to achieve clean tire sidewalls. The tyre dresser or tyre polish can render a high gloss finish to your tyres.

When Do You Need Tyre Dressing?

One of the primary problems with vehicle tyres is that they can lose their shine real quick. While the tyre rubber is grime and dirt-repellant. And nothing really can get inside them. Dirt and water constantly abrade the tire. This results in the tyre losing its shine over time. When you buy the vehicle from the showroom, you will find the tyres to be shining and glossy. But to get that shine back even after several rides, you can use the tyre dressing.

Tyre dressing is one of the best motorcycle accessories that can bring out the shine on your tyres. Plus, they can also give them the showroom-like shine that you once witnessed.

Tyre Dresser: What Are its Uses?

Tyre dresser refers to an effective chemical formula that helps restore the black rubber to its original look. The black rubber fades over time and with continuous rides. The tyre polish can restore it. We apply the formula on vehicle tires after washing them to eliminate the dirt and grime build-up. By applying the formula to the tires, we can achieve a darker, richer, deeper and high-glossy tire. 

The Three Different Tyre Dressing Groups

There are three types of tyre dressing groups

  • Dressings
  • Waxes
  • Sealants.

Silicone, solvent, or water-borne-based materials make up the dressing group. We combine these materials with oils that penetrate rubber and restore it. The formula serves as a lubricant for the dried-out rubber.

The Various Advantages of Using Water-Based Tyre Dressing

  • The tyre dresser can stop your tire sidewalls from hardening, cracking or fading.
  • It revitalizes the rubber’s condition.
  • You can use the tyre polish either as a spray bottle or even as an aerosol. This makes it easier to apply.
  • The formula is both eco-friendly and biodegradable.
  • When you are applying the formula, you need not have to think about getting it on your dress. This is because they are non-water based.
  • Being water-based, they don’t harm the environment.
  • Water-based dressings would even harm the car body if you spray them on them.
  • You can clean the dressing easily since they are non-sticky

The Benefits of Using Solvent-Based Tire Dressing

Non-water-based tire dressings have several benefits as we. However, you have to be a little cautious when using them. Applying them correctly is very important. Incorrect application of these chemicals can either dry or crack your tire surface.

Advantages of Solvent-Based Tire Dressings:

  • They are highly water-resistant.
  • They are more durable than water-based dressings.
  • They promise better shine than water-based dressings.

The Different Types of Tyre Dresser and Their Uses

There are various tyre dressings available in the market. However, given below are some of the most recommended ones.

Tyre Paint

Tyre paint or tyre dressing paint can restore the lustrous black look of your tyres. Who doesn’t like the smell and feel of a freshly-made tyre anyway? You can achieve that, at least for some time, by applying this specialized rubber paint. The rubber paint will remain as it is even when the tyre flexes. This tyre paint can restore the original lustre.

Tyre Shine

Tyre shine is paint but a professionally-designed acid-free cleaner. This cleaner can effectively eliminate the dirt and grease from your tyres. If you wish to bring back the original colour of your tyre, then this is the ideal product for you.

Tyre Shine Gel

The tyre shine gel is tyre shine’s rub-on gel version. You can get more control over your application with a tyre shine gel. These tyre sprays are both quick and convenient to apply. You can apply the true shine gel either with a sponge or a cloth.

All of these motorcycle accessories will breathe new life into your tyres. Plus, they can also boost your car’s overall value, in case you are planning to sell it. 

Choosing the Right Tyre Dresser and How

Now after reading through the article, you might wonder which is the right tyre dressing for you. Which tyre dressing you choose depends on your usage. The black tyre paint is the best solution when you want the best shine for your tires. However, if you simply want to restore the original look of your tyres, then either invest in a tyre shine or a tyre shine gel to eliminate the dirt.

A tyre dresser is an effective way of maintaining a sharp look on your tyres. Shiny tires play a huge role in reflecting your personality and hygiene standards. Dressing your tires when don’t look shiny is as important as taking care of your overall vehicle. Tyre polish or tyre dresser can make your tyres look great again.

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