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The automotive industry has always been characterized by a strong technological and innovative component: precisely for this reason the automotive (used and new car dealerships) was among the first to concretely use online commerce. Over time, this sector has become increasingly competitive and, today, many dealers are wondering “how to sell more cars on the web”?

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Used car dealership, the new challenges especially in cities like Milan

The technological evolution of cars has not moved hand in hand with the sales of both new and used cars. At the same time, consumer habits have changed significantly: The average duration of a car has lengthened and the time between purchases between one car and the next has expanded considerably over time;

New media: according to recent studies, 95% of buyers use the web as a source of information on the next car to buy;

Mobile searches: most of the potential customers carry out their online searches from smartphones;

New search items: what information are potential customers of used car dealerships looking for on the web? 25% inquire about prices, maintenance, assistance and the best models to buy.

These are just some of the challenges that those who sell used cars in Milan must face. To remain competitive on the market , car dealers and dealers must pay attention to strengthening their website and increasing the reputation of their point of sale.

The automotive marketing funnel

When it comes to digital automotive marketing , we must consider the particular path that users take from when they decide to buy or sell a car to when they actually perform this gesture. For this reason the automotive marketing funnel can be divided as follows:

Awareness : the main validation tool for most buyers is the internet and, consequently, car dealerships must invest their resources to increase their awareness and improve their positioning on Google. This is a crucial aspect as users are very much in the evaluation of the Milan used car dealership that can offer them the best possible evaluation. This phase is carried out entirely online and, usually, in several phases (days) during which the decision-making process takes place.

Request for quotes : in this second phase, the consumer undertakes to request the quotation of his car, identifying what are the guarantees and extra services that can be offered. Also in this case it is possible that the user privileges the used car dealership which allows you to submit the request for an estimate online, directly from the website.

Inspection and sale : it is clear that the sales phase is only the last of a long process that the user carries out before choosing which Milan used car dealer to contact.

If you are wondering how to sell more cars and how to improve your automotive marketing strategy , the SEO Leader consultant has designed a visibility package that allows you to obtain results in a short time and with a modest budget: SEM Hybrid.

SEM Hybrid, the solution to promote your used car dealership

SEO leader has developed a short-term solution called SEM Hybrid for all Milan used car dealers to increase customers in a short time with a limited budget. By relying on the professionalism of an SEO consultant , you have the opportunity to promote your dealership and increase the sale of the car in a short time.

This visibility package is particularly effective because it combines the SEO and SEM approach in a single 4-month solution. The SEO Leader consultant, after having carried out an analysis of your site and of the keywords that could be useful to promote your business, creates emotional landing pages that favor the conversions of Google Ads campaigns (formerly Adwords).

If you are tired of asking yourself “how to sell more cars”, contact SEO Leader: being on Autoscout24 and other sales platforms is important but enhancing your dealer and your brand even more.

Wondering how to find new customers? Here’s how to do it without spending a fortune

SEM Hybrid can offer good performances already with only € 300 per month , to which customizations can be added as needed.

Several used car dealers have put their trust in the SEM Hybrid project… You could be next!

SEO Leader a partner for your online success

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Do you want to receive qualified traffic from Google and increase visibility and conversions?

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