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Vastu Shastra, or Vastu as it is more commonly known, is a science that dates back over 5000 years. This Vastu expert online for homes is typically thought to bring homeowners serenity and success. While knowledge of Vastu is uncommon and frequently disregarded, it is nevertheless important for your property.

 Vastu, an ancient field of science and architecture in India, ensures that your home attracts positive energy for a joyous life. Good Vastu ensures all occupants’ health, wealth, and mental and emotional well-being; hence, creating a balanced atmosphere is critical. Five essential components must be perfectly balanced: fire, water, air, earth, and space.

Modern homeowners, however, are moving into ready flats and homes due to the hustle and bustle of fast-paced lives. However, these Vastu tips for homes are an excellent starting point before you decide to rent or buy a property that will help you live in harmony.

  • Vastu for your home’s main entrance

According to Vastu Shastra, the main door of your home should face north, east, or northeast. This is done to guarantee that the most energy enters your home. It would be best if you faced north, east, or northeast when you stepped out of your door. According to Vastu, the entryway is a gateway to success and advancement in life.

Another Vastu advice for your entryway is to build it with high-quality wood. The doorway should be the most visually pleasing of all the doorways in the house. Decorate the gateway with lovely nameplates and fortunate torans to make it more appealing. However, it is crucial to avoid placing fountains, shoe racks, or animal statues outside the front door. You should also avoid painting the entry door black and keep it properly lighted at all times.

  • Ideal Vastu for Bedrooms

The bedroom is the perfect place for rest and renewal. The bed should be located to the south or west. In this manner, your legs will face north or east when you sleep, giving you a better night’s sleep. This also ensures better mental health.

Colors for the walls of your bedroom are red, pink, orange, white, and brown, according to Vastu experts. These colours enhance prosperity in the bedroom by indicating warmth, ambition, serenity, and stability. Avoid putting your bed next to a window. According to shastra, windows on the northern or eastern walls should be placed for positive energy in the home. Finally, maintain your bedroom clutter-free as per Vastu’s suggestions for the house to keep your bedroom a peaceful space.

  • Pooja Room that is Vastu Compliant

Your pooja room is a place of solitude and meditation. A pooja room in your home’s east or northeast corner is ideal for spiritual interests. The colours white, yellow, beige, and green are ideal for this space. Make sure to fill up on torans and fresh flowers for the puja altar. Use incense sticks to create a zen atmosphere.

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  • Vastu Suitable Kitchen

According to Vastu Shastra, Agni, the Lord of Fire, rules over residences in the southeast direction. As a result, this section is ideal for kitchens. The northwest is another nice alternative if you can’t put it here. Keep your stove away from the water sink. Your kitchen should not face any washrooms, and it should never have a common wall with them. Place your refrigerator in the southwest corner of your kitchen space. All of this helps to keep your family healthy.

  • Vastu scheme for living rooms

Most of your home’s activities, including social gatherings, take place in your living room. Place all bulky furniture in your living room’s west or southwest corner. Make sure your living room faces north, east, or northeast. According to online Vastu consultants, the northwest is also advantageous. If mirrors are part of your house design, place them on a northern wall. Electronics should always be situated to the southwest.

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  • Vastu colour suggestions for health and house

These state that you must select the appropriate colours. Certain colours can alleviate negativity by absorbing negative vibrations or energy. Colors such as chrome yellow and vivid orange are examples. Use these strategies if an area always appears messy despite regular cleaning. Paint the walls in these colours, or try placing candles, flowers, and towels in certain spots.

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If someone in your home is depressed or allergic to everything, try these Vastu health recommendations. Use the colours chrome yellow and bright orange as a pillow cover or as a bed sheet.


These Vastu consultants online for a happy home are based on Indian philosophy and ancient science. These can bring happiness and positivity if followed and performed effectively. A well-balanced workplace can be achieved with a few minor modifications here and there. Directions are crucial in Vastu’s suggestions for home. The correct kind of energy is critical to the home’s and its people’s well-being. As a result, these tips give your family balance and positive energy.

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