Aron Govil
Aron Govil

What does success mean to you? Start by defining the meaning of success in your life then start working towards it. Have a clear goal in mind. It is often said that there is no secret to success. Start by taking time to learn and notice things every day.

Have a plan in place before you start to work towards the mission. Keep a track of the progress which you are making each day. The challenges you face daily and habits you follow to get towards your goal are equally important.

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It is essential to create conditions and an external environment to retain the information better.

We list some of the ways to get better in the study. 

Get proper sleep and change study environment

Getting enough sleep for several nights helps in creating a positive feeling. It is seen that by switching the study environment the recall performance is increased. A change in place helps in improving the memory and concentration levels.

See the place which is productive for to and try to opt for it mostly. Even music has a calming effect it helps in paying attention to the task at hand for some. Try to eliminate any distractions like TV or radio. Don’t use social media and try eating healthy food.

Apply study techniques 

A reading comprehension technique SQ3R helps in retaining important facts. It is a five-step process. Start by survey, take notes of the standout features. Formulate questions around the chapter. While reading the full chapter look for answers you have formulated. After reading summarize in your own words what you have read. Recite and then review the material to completely understand.

Start Retrieval Practice

Try remembering at a later time by applying the retrieval practice. Learning is improved when we recall and writing it down makes it more effective. Use flashcards for retrieval.

Apply spaced practice 

It encourages students to study over a longer period. When we space out our study, our mind makes connections between ideas that can be recalled later on. Learn the material and then revisit and review. Plan it as it will help you in being accountable.

Follow the Feynman Technique

This is a good method of learning a concept by explaining it in simple terms. Start by writing the concepts on a sheet of paper. Explain it in your own words, review what you wrote and identify where you were wrong. Find out the correct answer, rephrase the technical terms or complex language. 

Make color-coded notes 

Make clear notes so that you can recall the ideas and important points of a lecture. Writing in color helps in organizing the information better. It helps in reviewing and prioritizing the ideas better. Learners have a positive perception of the content and can also interact with the learning material. Just color the important information.

Do mind mapping

Mind mapping helps in visually organizing information in a diagram. Write major ideas and words that are central to the concept. See how our brains store and retrieve information. It helps in reading comprehension and helps in building better concepts and ideas.

Follow a good exercise regime

Exercise helps in increasing energy levels and fights fatigue. Try and include exercise in your daily routine. It can be a brisk walk or a 20 minute home workout. Exercising helps in improving memory and boosts cognitive performance. It released endorphins which improve mood and reduce stress.

According to research, sleep is crucial for brain function, memory formation, and learning. When you awake you learn new things when you fall asleep you refine them. The brain recognizes memories when we are asleep. Study a few hours before bed and review the information. Having efficient study techniques reduces anxiety.

Be passionate 

Success comes from immense hard work and passion. Have a clear emphasis on what matters the most. It is seen that focus always proceeds to success. Try to push your limits. Don’t constraint yourself by being inside the box. Don’t let fear get in your way. Create forward-thinking ideas and push the envelope when it comes to ideation. Being persistent is another essential quality. Never be afraid.

Self-care and preventing burnout

 Self-care and taking time for yourself are also a part of ensuring a successful life. There should also be a focus on mental health. Anything that provides you joy and keeps you stress-free must be done often. There should not be any dissatisfaction and burnout.

It is noted that without rest the mind and body will not be able to function well. Involve yourself in meditation, breathing exercises, or yoga. Practice mindfulness.

 Be a self-motivator

 Making a real commitment to success comes with its price tag. A lot of devotion and energy is required to achieve the goals. Try and be a great self-motivator. Be a person of action and do what is best suited. You will only achieve success if you are willing to take it further.

Do not let the fear of failure prevent you from dreaming. In case you fail remind yourself that it is not the end of the road. It means you have to follow a different path. If you are not determined to succeed you never will. 

 Be it being number one in academics, having a rewarding career, and making a social impact. Success can be defined in several ways. The idea of success is comprehensive to many. No matter where you are and what you want in life having the right mindset is the key to being successful. Take action to achieve want you want and be persistent in getting there.

Author Bio: Alison Lewis is a motivational speaker in America. She graduated in sociology from the University of Chicago. Alison is also an expert at and is well-known for the exception solutions she provides to the students. She likes to serve the community during her free time and is also working with an NGO.


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