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This season’s fashion gurus are predicting big things for summer hats. From Gigi Burris’ oversized bucket hat to Barbour’s Milton sports hat, we have our picks for what we think will be hot this season. This season, there are plenty of different styles and materials to choose from. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites and the trends to watch for.

Gigi Burris’ Isobel bucket hat

The classic silhouette of the Gigi Burris’ Isabel bucket hat is one of the season’s hottest looks. Made of pure straw with ribbon detailing, this hat is ideal for summer barbecues. Gigi Burris’ hats are renowned for their high quality and distinctive detailing. They can be worn to the beach, on vacation, or simply out and about BOTE Board.

The Gigi Burris Isobel bucket hat is a classic design, and features a leather pull-tie. This hat has been featured in several Vogue articles, and has a timeless appeal. This hat is made from Swiss smtarbright straw, and features hand-sewn Milanese straw.

Barbour’s Milton sports hat

One of the latest styles for summer hats is the Barbour Milton sports brim – a fully waterproof tweed visor and breathable cotton lining, the perfect all-weather aviator. Wear it with athleisure looks for the ultimate in sun protection. This classic summer hat is the perfect accessory for a casual day at the park.

Another hot trend for this season is a raffia brim hat. It’s the perfect summer accessory because it’s made of 60 percent recycled content. The wide brim on the Milton sports hat creates the perfect sun protection while maintaining an elegant style. If you’re unsure of which style to wear, opt for a brimmed hat that’s more structured, like a boater or Panama hat. Don’t try to pull off the 2022 fashion faux pas of wearing a fedora.

A multicolored visor is another must-have item for summer. Designed by two sisters, Cristina and Mariana, the Romualda visor is an elegant and timeless piece. It would go well with your beach day look or your active outdoor day. Another stylish option is a nylon hat that’s lightweight and made of breathable material. In addition to its multicolored brim, the Milton sports hat would go well with a cotton dress, a flowing skirt, and a silk costume.

Eugenia Kim’s Sunny playful striped version

When summertime rolls around, a striped sun hat is a fun alternative to a classic straw hat. These stylish hats are perfect for lounging poolside or enjoying a picnic at the park. The New York City-based designer Eugenia Kim is known for her impeccable craftsmanship and great value factor. Here are a few examples of hat trends for summer 2022.

A splurge-worthy hat is the one made of a timeless silhouette. It is very close to the classic sun hat image you might have. The brim is made of tightly-woven paper straw and has beaded or crystal embellishments. You can match the hat with a neon bikini and a pair of Chucks to complete the look.

Another summer hat trend is the striped panama hat. The hat is made of a light-weight material, which allows it to keep you cool in the sun. Its ribbed detailing creates a textured 3D effect. It is perfect for a beach day. Similarly, nylon and lightweight sun hats are ideal for active outdoor days.

Kangol’s Western fedora

The 504 cap is the most popular hat made by the Kangol brand. This versatile hat is available in a variety of colors and can be styled to match any outfit. The visor and wide-brimmed hats are also hot summer trends that will continue into the next decade. They are iconic and have become a major part of the fashion industry. These hats are not only stylish but also functional, making them a staple of any wardrobe.

Final Words:

The Kangol brand popularized the design of this hat, which is worn backwards. They originally were used by chimney sweepers, but were then made fashionable for use on golf courses and other outdoor pursuits. The hats are made of wool or cotton, with linings. Later, the style was branched off to become ascot hats, which are rounded on top.


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