Web Application Developers

Web developers usually have a hard time in the corporate world. Nonetheless, there’s always a path to success if you wish to get a nice job in a leading IT firm. 

Usually, such IT firms have much in common in the hiring process and in taking tests and interviews, especially with fresh graduates. There is much hype among the new grads about the big names in the market; obviously, the management knows it. 

You must prepare for your interview, keeping in mind they want someone original. Whatever platforms you work with, the tools you’re comfortable using, and the work environment you’re used to. 

An app development agency wants web application developers who know the industry. No matter how many books one has read before graduating, knowledge of the industry matters. 

The 6 Interview Questions for Web Application Developers

Here are some questions you can expect on the very first interview as a web application developer: 

What was a coding problem you were stuck with for the longest time?

You can describe an honest problem here, but make sure to sound professional. That is, use accurate terminologies and focus on describing how you solved that problem. 

It might sound a bit of a ‘pretend’, but you can show them that you were the only person in the room who was able to solve it. This might give the employers a sense that they are hiring the right person. 

How did you overcome that problem?

Now while you should be honest here, how you deliver the answer matters. The core goal is to explain to the interviewers your thought process behind the solution you made. This can help them find the right component they’re looking for, problem-solving. Problem-solving is a key skill for web application developers. 

What is one programming experience you can’t forget?

Here you can share any good course or instructor that greatly taught you. Remember, such questions might be just ice-breakers but also go deeper. The interviewers might aim to know more about your interests and how you developed as a person. 

What do you expect from the culture of this firm if you join it? 

Try to sound positive at this point because let’s be honest. Research the culture of the company you wish to become a part of. No matter what the culture of an organization is when you’re in an interview, you wish to pass. 

If you feel like the culture is not ideal, you can also give them hints about what to improve. Usually, such questions are very straightforward, where the employee demands fair pay, a friendly attitude from bosses, and flexible job requirements.

If this is your first corporate experience, what do you expect?

This one will be asked mostly from fresh graduates or people who don’t have a long list on their CVs. Now, if you’re not a fresh graduate, don’t be offended. You can say in defense that you’re very picky with joining a new company. This might make them judge your social capabilities, like if you’re an introvert or you can make connections. However, to become good web application developers, it isn’t necessary to be very social. 

What platform do you mostly work with?

This is the part where you can show the diversity in your portfolio. The variety of work you do doesn’t really matter. What matters is methods. If you can make a certain design in 7 hours on Adobe and 4 hours on another more comprehensive platform, you’re the ideal candidate. Try to list as many platforms as you can, but don’t try to brag a lot. 


One should approach all these questions with honesty but mindfulness. If you try to sound cool and use fancy terminologies while explaining things, you might not be very ideal to them! 


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