Creating a logo can seem like a difficult and time-consuming task that needs experience. But, that does not mean it is impossible or even difficult. The logo designing process can be so interesting and fun if done the right way. You need to do some research about elements of logos, tips, and tricks to ease out the process. You can even take the help of tools like Designhill logo generator and create professional logos in minutes. 

We have done some work and compiled the top fundamental elements of logo design that you need to know for sure. 

Brand Message

The first fundamental element of logo redesign is the accuracy of brand messaging. For this, a designer needs to take the logo as a whole. A designer needs to consider every single element of the logo and weigh it against the personality of the brand. It is done to ensure that the logo design looks like a great representation of the company behind the name. 

The particular element of a logo design is hard to pinpoint. There are certain sub factors involved in the logo designing process such as consideration of emotions in logo design, brand image, message, and more. 

The best way to make sure that this most important element, ‘brand message’ is taken into consideration, is to understand the brand well. A designer must know everything about the brand. It is the designer’s responsibility to research and analyze the brand including its values and target audience. This is compulsory to create a well thought and relevant logo design at the end. 

Logo Style

The logo style is a great place to start when you are putting different logo elements together. This will help you by giving a direction to go in. It is best to choose your logo style at the start to avoid any problems in the later stage. There are 5 main classifications of logo styles-

  • Wordmark logo– The wordmark, lettermark, or monogram logo is a logotype that relies majorly on font choice for effectiveness. Wordmarks only consist of letters and no pictorial representation. They use the name of the company and letter marks or monograms use one or more letters, usually the initials of the company name. 
  • Mascot– A mascot logo design mainly uses a character like a person or animal. This character acts as the face of the company. The most famous example of a mascot logo is the KFC logo with the mascot of Colonel Sanders. 
  • Pictorial Mark– A pictorial mark can represent the values and message of the company just with the help of an icon. An icon is used to share or symbolize the values and traits of the company. 

For instance, the famous Apple logo is not the literal representation of what the company does. However, it is a symbolic representation of the search for and achievement of knowledge. It is in direct relation to Newton and Apple’s theory. In earlier times, the Apple company logo was quite detailed and had this actual pictorial representation. With time, they create a simplistic and memorable logo design

  • Emblematic– Furthermore, this logo design type looks exactly like an emblem such as a shield or banner. These types of logos are quite famously used by schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions. 
  • Combination Logo- At last, the combination logo is the mixture of an icon and a lettermark, wordmark, or monogram. These are the most common types of logos used by companies. Moreover, these logos are the best choice for startups or companies that are trying to build an identity. So, this is the most effective type of logo for brands to become established and recognized. 

Color Choice

Furthermore, color choice is one of the most impactful elements of a logo design. This element is important because it affects the overall aesthetics of the logo design. The potential impact that your color palette can have on the viewer is tremendous. So, you need to pick out this element very carefully and wisely. You cannot depend on your own likes and dislikes in this case. 

Color psychology should be considered when choosing a color for the logo design. Pick those colors that appeal more to the target audience. This will help you in avoiding colors that do not work well with your potential customers and your industry. You can avoid the colors that are likely to get rejected and look unappealing to the target audience. Also, avoid colors that have negative connotations because of background or culture. 

Find the meanings of colors and which emotions they easily target. Then, figure out which emotions your brand wished to target and pick the color that matches your needs. Color choice goes a long way in creating a logo that is easy to understand, appealing, and stands out in the competition. In addition to this, you need to consider contrasts, shades, and hues as well to create the perfect color palette for the brand. 

Use logo makers such as Designhill logo maker that will automatically pick the best colors for your industry type. Designhill also provides a full branding kit with tools like design flyer, business card maker, etc. 

Font Choice

The font style that you pick for the logo design will be of huge importance. Your choice of font will heavily influence the type of logo you create at the end and the brand vibe as well. You cannot use any font style that you like. The font must align with what the brand does and its brand identity. 

Fonts are important because they are used to convey the written content of your logo design. Also, they are used to promote the tone of the logo. For instance, serif fonts look traditional, respectable, and trustworthy. These create a classy look. So, the brand that wishes to create a classy and professional vibe can go with serif fonts. Sans serif fonts are edgy, efficient, and clean. This font style is great to look clean and modern. 

Next, script fonts are unique, artistic, and elegant. These are great for feminine or artistic companies. To add to this, Modern fonts look bold, dramatic, and impactful. 

You can pick a font style that fits your brand. There are thousands of different font styles available in the industry. You can pick up one that truly captures the essence of the brand and showcases brand identity. 

Use graphic design tools which have thousands of font styles in their design library. You can pick any font that clearly showcases your brand identity. 

Graphic Design

Your graphic design of the logo will play a major role in determining whether your logo looks visually pleasing to the audience or not. 

The overall style of the graphic and of the whole logo design should be harmonious and align with each other to create a positive impact. The elements should not clash with each other. A hand-drawn graphic with unique elements will make the logo stand out as unique, and quirky also checkout UWatchfree

Graphics can be trendy, edgy, clean, modern, classy, old style, etc. Placing all the elements together will decide the graphic style of the logo. 

Your logo is to be displayed on various platforms like label design, website, business cards, and more. So, create a logo with graphics that look appealing on every platform. Also, use a design size guide to create the perfect version for all these different platforms.  


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