Health Insurance

Health insurance is not an important decision because it allows people to protect their lives and their loved ones, even if they are in good health since they cannot know when they could contract an illness or have an accident.

In addition, health insurance is a vital support to preserve people’s emotional stability and maintain family economic security, especially when it comes to severe or chronic illnesses that involve high costs in treatments, surgeries, hospitalizations, and others.

Google added that the insured must also take advantage of their benefits and determine what preventive exams their insurance offers to detect diseases in their initial stage and avoid future complications.

“The health insurance offers rapid access to emergency care, treatments, tests, outpatient procedures, and hospitalization at the time the patient needs it because it maintains care agreements with the majority of clinics and medical centers nationwide,” finished.

Thus, the market offers comprehensive insurance that is comprehensive insurance with coverage ranging from medical consultations to transplants. These insurances usually include outpatient, hospital, emergency, and health programs.

On the other hand, Specialized Insurance provides specific health care, such as Medical Aid insurance that focuses on accidents or medical-surgical emergencies, or insurance. That provides 100% hospital, oncology, and emergency coverage—protecting the holder and his family from the most complex illnesses and events. Cancer insurance is also part of the range of specialized insurance.

  1. It should be noted that workers dependent on small and medium-sized companies with less than 100 workers can also have access to the benefits of the private health system through the Pacific EPS Collective Health Plan. This health plan provides Ambulatory, Hospital, Emergency, Maternity, Dental, Ophthalmological, and Oncological care. With a free choice of doctors and private clinics in the interconnected networks without incurring high costs for the employer or the employee.
  • Check the insurance coverage. It is essential to know what services the insurance offers us and the maximum annual benefit per person, consisting of the maximum limit of the economic range that the company will assume in favor of the insured. Likewise, we must consider what type of coverage we will need in our life cycle (maternity, dental, ophthalmological care, etc.)
  • Evaluate the monthly and annual cost the monthly or yearly cost of health insurance is not the same for all people and depends mainly on the chosen plan and the patient’s age. Thus, the insured and their family must know their priorities to assess how much of the family budget they could allocate to pay for insurance.

How Do You Look For And Contract Health Insurance?

 More than half of health policyholders have made some changes to their contracts in the last 12 months. In addition, 3% of the population has sought information about this service without contracting it, which represents a potential growth of 13% for the sector.

The current congestion situation in public health has awakened the demand for private medical care. The budget request is one of the first steps when choosing a company among all those consulted. Therefore, finding sufficiently attractive information about insurance is a decisive factor for the potential client.

What Do Users Look For When They Need Insurance?

Insurance buyers are intensely searching for information about health insurance. The search for primary care stands out with 70%, followed by specialized care with 69% and diagnostic tests with 65%.

Large medical insurers are the reference when it comes to consulting brands. Therefore, one does not usually start from scratch when looking for health insurance but tends to consult the brands that appear in the spontaneous repertoire, active in consumers’ memory. Therefore, working on the notoriety of each brand is an essential task for companies to improve their positioning.

Loyal shoppers and first-time buyers are more likely to start their search through the information offered by a particular company (64%). However, buyers who desire to switch companies are more likely to search from scratch and are more likely to influence any insurance company (66%).

Where Do They Look?

The search engine that starts from scratch has a greater predisposition to opt for online contact points. The information provided by insurance companies on their websites is vital (32%), as it is the most frequent point of contact when searching for information. Search engines like Google (28%) or buyers (21%) are other tools to influence customers. It is searched in 1.8 channels on average, so the information that companies publish in the different channels must be profound, practical, and of interest.

The youngest profiles are those most in tune with the internet and, therefore, the ones who, to a greater extent, carry out searches purely online. 65% of people between 20 and 34 years old do it through online searches, compared to people between 35 and 44 years old who do it in 55% and those of more than 45% where the online and offline search is more equalizer.

The curious (they still don’t have insurance) and those recently incorporated are also more in tune with online searches, demonstrating the importance of the internet in attracting customers. We must not forget the faithful looking for alternatives, as there is an excellent opportunity to try to retain them via the internet before they change companies.

How Do You Contact Insurance Companies?

After searching for information, the user chooses the insurance and contacts the company. Users of private medical services feel more comfortable using the telephone as a contact method (82%). Communication with the medical center itself is the second most used channel (65%), followed by the website (60%) and the mobile app (25%). The latter has a strategic reason to approach the youngest.

Perhaps the essential thing that good health insurance should offer is the possibility of covering whomever you want. Living in a country like ours, families are not only made up of people who share DNA. The neighbor you call “aunt” or the friend from school who, now decades later, is your “brother” is proof of this. Health insurance is an acquisition that is expected to be maintained over time, so another handy feature is that it does not harm your budget. Contact JDM Web Technologies for more details. 


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