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We have given a lot of advice on the duties of a gunner, but secondly, you need to see the main duties that gunners have to perform.

  • Custom builder/designer
  • Finisher
  • Part maker
  • Checker
  • Gun Engraver
  • Pistol trader
  • producer

Custom builder/designer

Gun trader make custom guns to satisfy customers’ specific needs. They can do this from scratch or by adding to existing guns.

A good gunsmith can also do the finishing and decoration of the gun. Die-hard shooters, target shooters, or anyone who wants to add custom features to their firearms to create highly accurate or custom-looking firearms can call on the gun trader.


As mentioned earlier, the gun trader also does the surface finishing on the guns. This can be done using several chemical processes to give the gun a nice finish and texture. They use chemical processes such as browning, bluing, and petrification

Part maker

The gun trader can actually carve gun parts out of wuz and attach them to the metal body to fit the customer’s size. This is what is known as part makers.


This specialization of gun trader is often combined with parts manufacturers. The gun trader uses probing tools to create a beautiful pattern of small raised diamonds on the surface of the wood to be gripped.

Gun Engraver

gun trader use hand engraving tools or die sinker chisels to cut designs or images into the metal surface of the gun.

A firearm engraver must first be a highly skilled and skilled artist who can sketch the desired design on paper. The engraver must have a thorough knowledge of anthropological and zoological science, botany, perspective and composition.

Pistol trader

Also, highly skilled, they specialize in working pistols and revolvers. Thus they are known as Pistol trader and must be proficient in the skills of sawing, woodworking, machining, metal finishing and metalworking. They must have a good understanding of the mechanical characteristics and operation of the guns they work on.


Also, gun trader make parts for guns and sell them to other gun trader  or industries. They may also specialize in manufacturing some small scale custom guns. Thus, they are also partly manufacturers of guns or their parts.

What is the career outlook of a gun trader?

Those are the places where a gunner can really utilize his/her abilities. Even recently, according to statistics and data, they are in high demand, especially for gunsmiths in the United States. Listed below are some of the places where a gun trader can actually work;

  • Gun manufacturers
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Independently owned gun shops etc.

How much money does a gun trader make?

The salary scale of a gun trader depends on many factors. However, according to a report by Payscale, gun trader earn an average salary of $16/hour in the United States. That’s about $40,000 a year. But a gunner with his own business makes more than this in a year’s time.

How do you become a gunner?

a gun trader can learn their craft in a variety of ways, including apprenticeships, military training, and pursuing a degree or certificate course.

There are quite a few schools across the United States that offer gun trader certificates or associate degree programs, and attending one of these programs is a highly recommended way to learn how to be a gun trader.


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