Window stickers are the window signs you will use to let people know your gym is a Cross Fit box, and often times it’s the window decal that identifies you in the neighborhood, especially when placed on large window panes.

Decals can also be used in place of window clings which look different and function differently: by adhering them instead of using static cling they’re harder to remove and generally more durable. Nowadays window decals are usually made from adhesive material because it allows for greater flexibility in placement options. They’re perfect for placing inside car windows where businesses sometimes get these custom vinyl stickers Made.

Below you’ll find our quick guide to help you get started or step up your game with window decals.

We try to keep it simple and fun.

How window stickers work

There are a few different window decal designs you can choose from, this window sign is one of them, but there’s also window clings which look different because they stick instead of using static cling to stick. Decals stick by adhesive material while clings use static cling which you can peel off when needed. The entire surface area sticks unlike window decals where only the printed part will stick to the window. If your gym uses a lot of WODs or movements you can design window stickers that have names on them in large text so people see what workouts you’re doing. We recommend going big with writing / numbers for visibility / readability purposes or just go with window decals that have clean designs.

Here are some window sticker design ideas you can work with:

When people see window stickers they should immediately know the nature of your business, which is to say that window decal are a great way to let everyone know the type of gym you are in. When people think Cross Fit they usually think hard workouts, camaraderie, and no-frills. There’s nothing wrong with working out in minimalistic gyms because functional fitness doesn’t necessarily mean lots of equipment or rooms filled with mirrors or distractions. Window decals from allow for simplicity/minimalism as well as professional design elements such as photography and graphics without overwhelming potential customers by using too much imagery at once. This window decal shows a window cling and the difference is clear: window clings will stick and cling to any window which means they’re removable when needed; window decals only adhere to non-porous surfaces such as glass.

We offer window stickers in various sizes including custom dimensions for your business’s needs. Often times you’ll find that businesses order slightly smaller window stickers because it allows them to fit into small spaces or add additional elements like photos, shapes, and writing. If you want something different we can work with you on finding a solution for whatever type of window sticker design you need.

Custom Window Sticker Design & Size Options:

There are many options available when it comes to designing your decal and we try our best to accommodate any window sticker design customers can think up. One of these window decals is our window clings which are made from static cling instead of adhesive material, but both types stick to window surfaces well. On this window sign you’ll see that the entire surface area prints unlike window clings where only the printed part will be stuck to a window. We also offer a completely clear option for businesses who want to use their own photos or pictures and designs without the interference of vinyl printing ink to allow for maximum visibility.

Custom Window Sticker Design Examples:

Window stickers stick to glass surfaces as well as non-porous surfaces such as metal, plastic, etcetera which leaves many options for your business’s needs. The window decal below was made with window sign vinyl that is actually see-through because the window decal was designed to be comprised of transparent vinyl. This window sticker can still be seen at night if lights are on inside of the building, however during daylight hours it’s completely transparent/invisible unless you’re actively looking at the window. With window stickers there are many custom sizing options available for your business’s window decal needs.

Window Sticker Sizes:

Custom window decals are often ordered in small sizes because businesses may want additional elements such as photos, shapes, and writing added to their design. If you have an idea for a window sticker size that isn’t listed below let us know! We usually recommend smaller sized window signs because they fit into tight spaces and can be ordered in a standard window size which cuts down on production time.


Window stickers and window decals allow for a variety of low-cost, professional window advertisement options for businesses looking to gain new customers. Window signs can be made from window clings that remove easily when needed or window decals that adhere permanently to glass surfaces such as windows.


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