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What is a score bet? How accurate and impressive is the experience of betting on the scores that we want to share with you guys right here? You also know that this is a phrase no stranger to betting enthusiasts, so if you want to catch the exact match, do not take your eyes off the article!

What is a score bet?For those of you who are followers of football betting, the score bet is a simple and easy-to-understand bet at 22Bet.

Based on the score bet, you need to correctly guess the final result of the match within the official time of the game, i.e., within 90 minutes.

Meanwhile, your task is to guess and hit the last number of the match, simply like that, you will win, of course, otherwise, you will lose the bet.

                          How to choose the right scoring bet

To choose the right match, you also need to consider and choose based on many different factors. We believe that after these specific shares and detailed explanations, you will be able to get the most accurate view.

                                         Asian Handicap

Handicap, this bet represents the different schedule between two teams in a match where you can accept the odds as follows:

  • Evening bets (0 -0) – even ball betsHandicap on the left half (or called 1/4)
  • Left half handicap (also known as 0.5 – 1/2 handicap)
  • Half 1 handicap (also known as – 1 – 0.75)1 draw
  • Bets lose the first half (1st bet 1.25 – 1st bet 1.5)
  • Handicap 2 for half (or bet 1.75)

                                   European Handicap

In this bet, players do not need to care about the score of the ball, the management is to predict the outcome of the match, whether it is won, drawn, or lost. With each pull of different predictions, you will also bring yourself many similar bonuses based on the difference between each internal.

                                        Over & Under

This bet is considered one of the most popular thanks to its simple rules, which are applicable to all different matches.

In this case, the bookie will give a specific number with the same bet, and the player will predict the final outcome of the match higher or lower than the number offered by the house.

                          How to calculate the score of a bet

Depending on each different bet, there will be a different way of calculating the bet, but the winnings will be based on a specific formula:

  • Amount received = amount you bet x odds

                              Experience betting scores

Score bets have extremely low odds and payouts, and some matches will have results that are not within the possibilities offered by the bookie. Therefore, you need to keep a happy attitude and consider it a test of luck to avoid unnecessary disappointment.

Some experience is accumulated after consultation with experts, such as Selecting multiple scores in the same match, obtaining detailed statistics on the playing history and performance of each team, and participating in at least 3 to 4 bets.

After reading the above content, you probably also understand what the score bet is and how to get the best score betting experience.


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