What is SCP

SCP Origin, History, Classes, SCP 001, SCP 579: The Secure Containment Procedures Foundation, often abbreviated as SCP Foundation, is the main protagonistic character in the SCP Mythos.

It is a vastly diverse and well-funded paranormal organization that is dedicated to the detection and eradication of anomalies including creatures, objects, and locations, to events and other phenomena. They are referred to by the name of “SCPs”, and is controlled by the O5 Council. 

The O5 Council is committed to identifying anomalous events and permanently locking them up to ensure they remain far from the world and society, regardless of whether it’s to ensure the SCP’s protection from the world or in the reverse.

While it is true that the Foundation has good intentions, however, the Foundation has often committed morally questionable, or even downright evil actions throughout the mythos in the pursuit of its goals. 

The Foundation collects and encapsulates every unusual occurrence, regardless of whether they are dangerous or not. Every SCP is examined and tests are conducted on them on a regular basis.

What is SCP Origin?

Similar to Creepypasta, SCP started spreading throughout the web, before the SCP website was established in 2008, and was a repository for archiving SCPs. A prime example of SCPs that helped popularize that of the SCP Foundation was SCP-173, SCP 000, SCP 053 commonly referred to by the name of Sculpture.

At the present, there are more than 6000 entities and over 600 content on the website as well as within the foundation. The new ones are being found and accounted for to the present.

A Berief Description Of SCP-001

What is SCP

SCP-001 is the name given to an unknown SCP belonging to the SCP Foundation. The most interesting aspect of this SCP is the fact that there isn’t an official SCP called SCP-001. 

There are only a few proposals for SCP-001 that have been posted on the foundation’s website. According to the website the site, any, a few, or all of the SCPs that are proposed could or might not be the true identity of SCP-001.

SCP History

The exact reason for the SCP Foundation’s beginnings is not known, however over the years, there have been numerous myths, that cover all kinds of things from Angel who was guarding the Garden of Eden to a mysterious post-Civil War factory that was a supernatural entity.

The real origin of the Foundation is likely to remain a mystery for all time, but it was well-known that the Foundation (or an ancestor) was already operating in the 19th century and was a mighty organization on the global scene by the turn of the 20th century which was acknowledged by the Anomalous community, as well as the majority of nations.

What is Security Personnel?

Facilities of the Foundation use Security Personnel that serves as the main security force inside. Their responsibilities range from securing anomalies to acting as bodyguards of officials with higher responsibilities. They often work alongside Containment Specialists as well as MTFs.

Recovery Teams

Recovery Teams are typically summoned by Field Agents whenever an anomaly is discovered. They are charged with taking the anomaly to be transported back to the Foundation’s facility. As we have mentioned earlier, when there are more hazardous anomalies MTFs are enlisted.

Object Classes

SCP Foundation in the SCP Foundation, the SCPs are classified into different classes that differ according to the SCP’s ability to contain them. Particularly notable are the Safe, Euclid, and Keter classes, Keter class is the “most strongest SCP” however there are many more classes in the Foundation:

  1. Thaumiel
  2. Archon
  3. Apollyon
  4. Safe
  5. Euclid
  6. Keter
  7. Neutralized
  8. Explained
  9. Decommissioned

Class-D Personnel

The Class D Personnel are the lowest-ranking personnel that is part of the Foundation. They are usually recruited from criminals who have been convicted and murder row inmates. 

They are often used as human test subjects and have anomalies, either in a facility or out in the field. Others and civilian organizations view this as a violation of human rights, even though the Foundation considers it necessary.

Field Agents

Field agents are accountable to spot irregularities that occur in the external world. They can be found in any organization that is a business, government, or military law enforcement agency. They function as eyes and ears and communicate with the Foundation in the event that something odd is discovered.

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee also wields a large amount of power within the Foundation. The majority of staff view this Ethics Committee as a joke or a myth, however actually, the heads of the Ethics Committee are said to have similar power to the O5s. 

They remain hidden and seem to have some influence in relation to their O5 Council. The Committee determines what it is morally permissible for the Foundation to conduct according to its statement of mission.


Site Directors are highly-ranked researchers who oversee the various containment sites across the globe. They typically have Assistant Directors with different skills who assist them within the sites. Site Directors are usually the highest-ranking officials, and they possess a full name, which is not a number like for those on the O5 Council.


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