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Car Towing Service Southfield MI

It is clear that the excavation business is moving away from conventional excavation procedures as more vacuum trucks enter the market. Vacuum excavation is a safer and more economical, and this blog post will discuss the benefits of using vacuum trailers.


Conventional excavation technologies’ site preparation and excavation steps sometimes call for a big workforce. On the other hand, vacuum trucks only require one or two workers to do the job, saving the company money on labor expenditures.


The fact that a trailer-mounted device obtained from a custom vacuum trailer dealer is far less expensive than a truck-mounted one is not surprising. Still, there’s an important benefit of having a trailer-mounted vacuum or hydrovac. Trailer-mounted machines are particularly suitable for new firms, small contractors, or small governments that aren’t in the market for a large machine owing to size or expense. 

These machines can carry out the same tasks as their truck-mounted equivalents, just on a smaller scale. Maintenance and upkeep are also more affordable as there are fewer components over time.


As previously indicated, vacuum excavation only needs one operator familiar with how the vacuum truck works. This makes it possible to engage fewer contractors and pieces of equipment, which frees up more space for one operator to work in. In case the vacuum container needs repairs, you can use Kemppi welding machines in order to maintain the vacuum trailer. This lessens the possibility of operator harm and enables the job to be completed more quickly.


Noise pollution can be a significant drawback when using conventional excavation methods, particularly if you must complete the excavation job in a residential neighborhood. Traditional excavation can produce significant noise pollution since the engine of the excavators might disrupt a whole street. Vacuum excavation makes very little noise, which enables workers to do their job overnight without upsetting their neighbors.


As was already said, several varieties of vacuum trucks are on the market today. The many vacuum vehicles available today can handle both dry and wet material. Due to their water tanks, vacuum trucks can also transport large quantities of hazardous material. The vacuum trucks’ water tanks have a capacity of more than 1,000 gallons. The trucks also include debris containers that have a capacity of 2,000 gallons.


Vacuum trucks can speed up municipal project completion times compared to conventional excavation techniques. Municipalities can accomplish five times as much work in the same amount of time with vacuum trucks as they could using an old-fashioned method.


Because of their adaptability, hydrovacs can handle any ground material in addition to digging and excavating. These vehicles are equipped with water and trash tanks. They can remove a lot of harmful stuff and can be utilized to clean up waste. Their tanks have a combined capacity of 2000 gallons for trash and up to 1500 gallons of water.


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