Flood Control

There are many different kinds of flood defense systems. Some of them are self-closing flood barriers, water gates, or Eco-Dams. Others use a combination of these. Here are a few examples of each type. For more information on which flood protection systems are best for your home, read on! This article focuses on flood protection barriers. We also discuss what each type of barrier can do to protect your home from flooding.


The Eco-Dam Flood Defense System is a fast and reusable water-filled barrier that protects a cluster of buildings from flooding. Its unique anti-roll design and high-tensile PVC material make it highly durable and easy to deploy. Its unique design incorporates an overflow outlet at the top and lifting handles on both ends to make deployment quick and easy. The Eco-Dam is the ideal flood defense system for municipalities, water authorities, and civil engineering contractors.

The construction of an Eco-Dam combines ecological principles with environmental benefits. In addition to providing flood protection, it helps conserve the environment and reconnects rivers with alluvial and riparian forests. The eco-berm construction process involves two main phases: raising the dam and sealing the earthen berm. These two phases together help to restore and protect the ecosystems along the riverbank. This innovative design protects communities from flooding while maintaining its ecological value.


The TrapBag (r) Flood Defence System is a system of flood control dams that is used to protect property from flooding and storm surges. They can be placed on top of existing levees to increase height. There is no need for special fill materials. Sand, gravel, or cement can be used to fill the bags. In certain cases, these barriers can act as dike walls, stopping water from rushing in.

The flood protection bag 100 is comprised of several overlapping divider portions that extend between the first and second sides of the internal walls. The divider portions define a series of bag chambers within each structure. Each divider section has a different design and size to prevent water from seeping through the dividers. This allows the flood protection bag to withstand the force of a powerful storm.

Self-Closing Flood Barrier

A self-closing flood barrier is designed to prevent flooding and protect homes from storm damage. The prototype was designed to meet several design criteria, including safety and durability. Its design combines a non-slip surface with a low-profile, high-resistance construction that can withstand wind, rain, and snow conditions. The barrier’s design also incorporates features that ensure a smooth, dirt-free pass for vehicles. In addition, the barrier’s permanent power supply is independent of mains power and can operate for up to 7 days without recharging. It is the ideal solution for areas that have severe flooding or other hazards.

After the first prototype was designed, a full-size demonstration model was built at the TU Kaiserslautern campus. The barriers’ foundation was constructed from a precast foundation on a subbase. Lateral walls were inserted into the foundation using steel rods. Adapter parts were then tensioned and the joints were sealed with silicone sealant. The barrier was then finished by pouring fiber-reinforced concrete into the joint arm and adapter part. The resulting concrete spread evenly across the barrier’s cross-section.

Water gate

Whether it’s for a flood defense system or an emergency situation, a water-gate has many benefits. It’s easy to deploy and set up, and it’s made of lightweight, durable materials. It’s also won numerous awards, including a Gold Medal from the Industrial Society of America and a Civil Protection Prize in Geneva. Here’s a closer look at what it has to offer.

It’s effective as a flood barrier, allowing fast intervention in case of an emergency. Because the Water-Gate is portable, its installation time is minimal, and it’s easy to transport. It also reduces the number of workers required. It’s an ideal flood defense system for coastal areas and is now FM approved for use in the U.S., Canada, and many other countries. It’s also a vital part of factory entrances.

Water-Gate barriers are a highly versatile barrier that has a useful life of 20 to 25 years. They can be deployed in minutes and can be stored for reuse. They’re made from durable polyethylene fabric, so they can withstand both high and low pressure. Water-Gates can be used for flood defense, waterway diversions, and chemical spill containment. This barrier is incredibly effective for flood defense and other disaster recovery efforts.


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