Pod loading requires a little extra planning, but is vital to the success of your move. In addition to the truck, you will need to invest in moving blankets to fill gaps and protect delicate possessions. Also, make sure your pods are secured with a strong padlock and moisture absorbers. Not only does pod loading save you valuable time, it also helps prevent damage. To learn more about pod loading, read this article. Pods are a great alternative to renting a moving truck.

Pods are a cost-effective alternative to renting a moving truck

The PODS system is a patented container lifting vehicle that lifts the storage containers off the back of the truck. This vehicle also transports them safely to their destination. A PODS container requires at least a 12-foot-wide space, a 15-foot-high ceiling, and at least forty-foot-long length (including the road).

A PODS rental has many benefits. The cheapest option for long-distance moves is often much cheaper than hiring movers. PODS containers are available in different sizes to suit different needs. You can choose from a small or large one, depending on the size of your home. PODS are also equipped to handle local or long-distance moves. Lastly, PODS offer a variety of other services, such as vehicle shipping.

They are delivered by a truck

PODS provides steel-framed containers. These containers are available in three sizes, from eight to sixteen feet, and can accommodate homes up to about 1,200 square feet, or three to four rooms, depending on how much furniture is packed in each space. Once a customer places an order for a PODS container, the container will be delivered to the ground level. After the shipment is ready, the company will retrieve the container and transport it to its new location. PODS currently services 46 states, with the exception of Alaska and North Dakota.

When moving, PODS are an affordable and convenient solution to a long-distance or local move. Pods are typically delivered on a truck. They are billed each month until you collect them. Most customers have the option of choosing the pickup and delivery date as per their preferences. When relocating, consider a PODS instead of renting a truck. They are highly versatile and convenient, and the smallest container is eighteen feet long, eight feet wide, and sixteen feet tall.

They are weatherproof

Mobile storage pods are the perfect solution for storing items in all kinds of weather conditions. In addition to being weatherproof, these portable storage units are also durable and pest-resistant. However, since they are exposed to the elements, you will need to protect them from the elements with appropriate protective measures. Fortunately, mobile storage pods come with a set of furniture pads to prevent items from shifting during transit. In case you don’t own a lock, you can purchase one online or from your local hardware store.

You can also rent a storage container from a storage facility if your home is too small to accommodate a storage unit. Storage container companies will deliver the pods to your house and place it in a convenient location. You can use it for as long as you like, but once you’ve loaded it with your belongings, you can call the company and have it picked up. You can even pay a flat fee for storage and then rent a pod for the same amount. This is a great option for people who don’t want to worry about transporting their items to their new home or apartment.

They require a 12-foot width clearance

When choosing where to place your pod, consider how wide it needs to be. Ideally, it should be about 12 feet wide. If it is not, check the clearance of the area. The space should be clear of any obstructions. Regardless of whether you choose to load your pod vertically or horizontally, make sure that there are no obstacles that will prevent the container from loading. In addition, you should plan ahead and take care to load items in a manner that maximizes space.

Once your pod is full, you can take it to a secure storage facility. A driveway or front lawn must be at least 12 feet wide and 15 feet high. Pods should never be placed on an incline, so make sure there is adequate clearance for the pod. Once loaded, PODS are delivered to a secure storage facility that is not open to the public. They require an appointment with the storage facility, which is secure and locks overnight.

They can be locked while unattended If you plan to leave the PODS container for a while, you can lock it. The company sells locks for this purpose. You can also purchase a lock when booking the container. Locks are a useful feature since you don’t want your goods to get damaged while the container is being unattended. Locking the PODS container helps to prevent shifting of the contents during transport.


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