Which Country Gives Residency By Investment

A residence by investment program is one in which a foreign individual invests in another country to earn residency. That foreign investor may then start living in that nation and request permanent resident status after a specific number of years. Permanent residence, in turn, might enable foreign citizens to obtain citizenship through legal residency in a country that grants residence by investment, subject to specific circumstances.

Essentially, residency by investment services coexists with citizenship by investment programs, where permanent residence results in citizenship. Still, it needs patience, physical residence in the state for a specified period, and a permanent resident card. Citizenship attracts a lot of wealthy individuals in developing countries wishing to diversify their financial portfolios with a second passport. A second passport allows for greater mobility as well as visa-free travel. It is estimated that in 2022, both the citizenship and residence markets will gross $30 billion.

What Is A Golden Visa, And How Does It Grant You Residency?

A “Golden Visa” is an immigration system that allows high earners to get a residency card or citizenship in any state simply by purchasing a home or making a big contribution or charity.

Investment choices vary by country, ranging from $250,000 to millions.

You and your family will become legal citizens of that state if you complete the requisite investment and request a Golden Visa. You can reside there, go to school, and get medical care.

Countries Offering a Residence by Investment Program

With the increasing value of residency, many countries have started offering residency through investment programs, and investment options are also increasing. The following countries are offering residence by investment:

Country NameProcessing TimeinvestmentPermanent ResidencyCitizenship
Lativa3-4 months€50,000You will get it in 5 years.You will get it in 10 years.
Guernsey4-6 weeks£200,000You will get it in 5 years.You will get it in 6 years.
Canada4-6 monthsC$200,000You will get it in 5 years.
Belgium 3-8 months€350,000You will get it in 3 years.You will get it in 5 years.
Malta1-3 weeks€400,000Passport in 1 year under the Citizenship by Investment Program
Jersy4-6 weeks£1,750,000You will get it in 5 years.You will get it in 6 years.
Switzerland3-4 monthsCHF0You will get it in 10 years.You will get it in 12 years.
Spain 1 year€500,000You will get it in 5 years.You will get it in 10 years.
Portugal 3-6 months€250,000You will get it in 5 years.You will get it in 6 years.

The Benefits of a Residency

A residence by investment program is typically a simpler and quicker approach to obtaining a second residence in the desired country. Furthermore, permanent residence grants you and your family perpetual citizenship.

People would love to invest in residency programs for the following reasons

  1. Worldwide mobility
  2. Residence for the whole family
  3. Business
  4. Tax optimization
  5. Quality of life
  6. Residence for the whole family

Residency Investment Program Requirements

There are some requirements for residency that you have to follow.

  • No criminal record.
  • Demonstrating that you will pay for the investment with your own money.
  • Holding the investment for a set amount of time.
  • Proving that you obtained your assets legitimately

Some countries may require you to demonstrate that you have a particular quantity of wealth in addition to the amount you intend to invest. It is how you can get a residence in a country.


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