Painting and roofing are important aspects of home maintenance that shouldn’t be overlooked. Most people don’t have the time or resources to do it all on their own, so they call in a company to handle the job. But which company should you choose? Whether you need paint on your walls or shingles on your roof, you can trust our team at True Colors Contracting to get the job done right! Here are just a few reasons why True Colors Contracting should be your choice for all painting and roofing services in Johns Creek GA!

We Take Pride in Our Craft

The thought of a leaky roof or peeling paint is enough to make anyone cringe. That’s why we work hard to maintain our reputation as one of the best roofing and painting companies around! At B&G Painting & Roofing, we take pride in both our craftsmanship and relationships with our clients. If you’re thinking about getting new siding or just want your exterior refreshed, call us today! We promise that you won’t be disappointed. Our team is committed to excellence and will go above and beyond for each customer.

It doesn’t matter if you need residential or commercial services—we have what it takes to get your project done right. From installation to maintenance, we offer full-service solutions for every client at competitive prices. Let us show you how quality products can improve your home or business’s curb appeal while protecting its value over time! With more than 10 years of experience in the Johns Creek GA area, our staff has seen it all—and they’ve fixed everything from shingle repairs to complete repainting jobs on houses big and small.

You Get Honest Advice

As a home or business owner, you might feel pressured to make decisions quickly. But we understand how important it is to take your time making such an important investment. We’ll provide honest, straightforward advice so you can make an informed decision about your roofing or painting project. Our experts are always available when you need us; rest assured that our team will walk you through every step of the process. You deserve a hassle-free experience when working with top professionals like ours! Put our dedication to excellence to work for you today! Contact us to learn more about our services.

There’s no guesswork: At B&G Painting & Roofing, we pride ourselves on providing detailed estimates and extensive explanations of all work done on your property. There are no hidden fees, either—you get what you pay for! From estimating and planning right down to cleaning up after a job is complete, B&G Painting & Roofing. keeps its clients fully informed every step of the way.

Our Focus Is on Customer Service

You probably want to know what kind of work we do, how long it will take, how much it costs, etc. While we can’t answer those questions right now (sorry), what we can tell you is that our focus is on customer service. We’ve built a strong reputation by doing good work for clients—and just as importantly—by helping them understand their options and making sure they’re happy with their final product. This isn’t about pushing our roofing products or services onto homeowners; instead, we want to make sure our customers are educated and confident when they decide to work with us. So, if you’re looking for quality roofing solutions at an affordable price from top-rated professionals, give us a call! We look forward to serving your needs soon.

You don’t have time to waste: Roof leaks aren’t something you can wait around for so why should finding a reliable local contractor be any different? Whether you have a sudden leak or some more extensive issues like mold, fungus, peeling paint, chipped shingles, broken tiles/shingles/panels/flashings, damaged gutters, or rotted wood underlayment—we’re here to help. Call today for expert advice on protecting your home against these and other common problems. Even better – we offer free estimates on repairs so that you’ll never get hit with surprise charges down the road!

We Use High-Quality Materials

At B&G Painting & Roofing, we only use premium materials to ensure your roof lasts for years. When installing a new roof, you’ll need to choose between synthetic or organic slate tiles; they are both made from materials that can withstand extreme weather conditions, so it all comes down to your preference. With organic slate tiles, your choices will be naturally-colored clay tiles with a polished finish that looks almost identical to marble. On top of being aesthetically pleasing, they are also very sturdy and long-lasting—so they make great investment pieces that won’t need replacing anytime soon.

Synthetic slate tiles are made from asphalt shingles that have been treated with pigments to give them their color. They tend to be more affordable than natural slate, but they aren’t as durable and don’t last as long either. The good news is: that at B&G Painting & Roofing, we always install high-quality materials on our roofs—so you never have to worry about cheap material failing on you again!

We Are Insured, Licensed, And Highly Rated

Choosing an insured, licensed contractor is important. You should always check if your roofer or painter has a full range of licenses, including general liability. This will protect you and your family if a worker gets hurt or hurts your property, whether accidentally or on purpose. Also, make sure to ask for proof of insurance; it’s not uncommon for contractors to skip out on covering their employees when they are at your home. If you are working with someone who can’t produce these important documents, walk away—no matter how good they might be. Our company uses state-of-the-art equipment: new technologies mean safer, more efficient painting and roofing processes.

We use high-quality tools like nonstick tarps that don’t stick to surfaces as much as traditional plastic tarps do. They also have a shorter lifespan than other tarps so we won’t leave any trash behind when we leave your house. To keep our tools clean, we vacuum them after each job instead of leaving them covered in paint or dust until our next job starts. All of our painters wear special shoes that protect both yours and theirs from falling debris while they work. Our equipment ensures that you get what you pay for without sacrificing quality. Ask us about our service today!

All Of Our Work Comes with A Guarantee

If you’re not happy with your roof, we’ll replace it at no cost to you. Any time after you’ve had your roof for one year, give us a call. If it’s not lasting as long as we promised or leaking any water or showing signs of wear and tear, we’ll be happy to fix it for free. That’s how confident we are that our roofs will last! Give us a call today. We serve customers throughout Johns Creek GA. What’s more, all our team members are reliable professionals who want nothing more than to help their customers find satisfaction with their new roof.


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