There are basically many types of heels such as stilettos, peep toe booties, high heeled boots, spool heels, mules, cone heels etc. but which is more comfortable and which is not should be learned. Here we are talking about clear wedge heels clear so,…

What are clear wedge heels?

Wedges or actually shoes or sandals with plain sole mostly the sole and the heels is made up of rubber. And it is transparent which means your whole foot is covered but still exposed. Wedges can be carried easily by all ages of women. The transparent aspect of clear wedge heels gives princess like touch as well as some of these heels give cool vibes. So, it can be carried in many ways because it will allow you to look modern without much difficulties of pain and unitability issues

Isabel Marant said on April 2015 that

‘On designing her “wedge sneaker”: “Actually, the wedge sneakers came from something I was doing as a kid: I was wearing the Stan Smiths when I was 11 or 12 and I used to put a piece of cork inside because I wanted to look taller. The Birkenstocks. I have a German mother who wore them. It’s one of the most comfortable shoes as well, but it’s not sexy or pretty. I wanted to play with it and make it into something new and more playful. I’m very attached on classics, things that are lasting. It’s because they’re well-designed. They are right. There is a certain precision. To reinvent those, sometimes it’s not so easy. Fashion goes more and more into resurrecting very iconic things. It’s like a car: You can go back into an old style because it was really well designed and you’re never fed up with it. Sometimes it’s more fashionable than other times, but it is a product that was well-achieved. It’s something that I’m very sensitive about. It’s about having an interpretation of those things to go with the theme of the collection, or to make them more luxurious or playful”

Short history

 This design was initially used by Greek actors to represent themselves as a superior community over other comic actors and people.

In 1930 Salvatore Ferragamo introduced the wedge design in the market of Italy as a fashion for the public. Through 1970s to 1990s the fashion became more and more prominent.

 Wedges for men

  Also men do wear wedge shoes but those shoes have typically very low heels as compared to women and comparatively women were more wedge heels then men

 Why the wedge heels are more comfortable.

It is considered that wedge heels are more comfortable as compared to other high heels because of several reasons. Come on let’s take a look what are those!?

  • Wedge heels are more comfortable because of the even distribution of weight pressure throughout the soul instead at one point.
  • You can walk longer without pain, slipping or tripping.
  • You have the satisfaction. You can enjoy your day instead of worrying about your feet.
  • You can add more height like heels but unlike heels you will not get pain.
  • Wedges are also versatile. It means you can make them vibe with your cool outfits, casual outfits, formal outfit, and fancy outfits.
  • These shoes can last much more longer than other ordinary and painful heels
  • Even medically wedges are considered better than heels.

When to wear  clear wedge heels?

  • Clear wedge heels are transparent and it will go best with the colors like white, blue, black, pink, and yellow.
  • Talking about the styles; you can wear clear wedge heels with fitted pants and cropped shirt, black and blue combo jumpsuit, short dresses, black jeans and t shirt and big chain.


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