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Psychiatrists have to draw from a wide variety of treatment plans, which is why it is essential for them to choose a medical software that is flexible and learns from their unique experience. But with a whole lot of options available on the market, many psychiatrists are faced with choosing the right electronic medical records software for their facility. They completely understand that the wrong software choice can jeopardize their clinic’s ability to deliver the best possible quality of care. 

If you are also looking for a specialty-specific solution to improve the efficiency of your psychiatry practice and stay on top of patient needs then Praxis EMR will not let you down. This AI-driven EMR solution strikes a rare balance between functionality and ease of use to help providers improve patient care. In this piece, we will explore this software solution and find out why it is an excellent software choice for behavioral and mental health facilities. Continue reading to learn more! 

Praxis EMR – An overview

Praxis EMR software is an electronic medical records platform designed to help psychiatrists streamline daily practice tasks and get ongoing visibility into efficiency. The software allows them to generate custom reports and documents in their unique style, rather than using pre-designed templates. It is regarded as the best EMR for psychiatry as it incorporates the smart AI technology that enables users to personalize the software to suit their unique requirements. 

The more this software solution is used, the less amount of time it requires users to spend on patient charting and documentation. This allows providers to spend most of their time focusing on patient needs. Praxis is a top-rated solution for psychiatry practices because it is designed to manage patient assessments at the point of treatment and adapts to the individual working style of a doctor. On top of this, the software allows users to save a great deal of time that otherwise would have been spent dealing with outdated templates.

Top Praxis EMR features psychiatrists should consider

1. Ease of documentation

This EMR software eases the difficulties of psychiatrists that arise from using pre-designed templates for patient health records as it operates according to the individual working styles of physicians. Its artificial intelligence aspect makes documentation a breeze. 

2. Patient-provider portal

The software makes it easier for providers to educate, communicate, and engage patients via a robust portal that automatically updates them with important information. This feature also supports management of population health, collaboration with other providers, and more. You can check out this feature during the Praxis EMR demo.

3. Patient-specific notifications

The software indicates specific problems, surgical history details, family history, or other chart items and notification in individual patient records. 

4. Patient-practitioner partnership

Praxis understands that the relationship between patient and provider is of utmost importance. It supports the development of positive relationships by providing instant access to health details and ease of charting. The software offers a comprehensive suite of charting tools that give users a complete overview of the day’s schedule. Moreover, it allows clinicians to view multiple patient charts and enables them to easily toggle between them. 

5. Lab integration

This electronic health recording platform supports lab integration to let providers make accurate diagnoses. It allows for automatic tracking and health maintenance of health maintenance of discrete lab values within a patient’s chart. You can also schedule a Praxis EMR demo to evaluate this feature in real-time.

Why is Praxis the best EMR for psychiatry?

This is a common question:

What makes Praxis EMR one of the best EMR for Psychiatry?

Here is the answer:

In a psychiatry setting, things are done differently because the symptoms of each patient differ, so different physicians come up with different treatment options and medications. This is where Praxis software comes to aid. The user reviews for this product confirm that it gives providers a personalized approach where they can customize the system to suit their unique requirements. Its Artificial Intelligence technology makes it work for most psychiatry practices. Here’s why we think it is an excellent software choice for mental and behavioral health practices:

  • When managing a mental illness, some patients prefer alternative treatment options. Praxis software solution allows providers to easily track and customize healthcare plans. .
  • Providers can practice medicine in their unique style without dealing with the struggle of editing templates, which is usually confusing and time-consuming.
  • It allows psychiatrists to finish notes in less than 45 seconds, as the software adapts to their patterns to become smarter and faster over time.
  • Praxis EMR is ONC-ATCB certified and HIPAA compliant and offers specialty-specific EMR management for mental and behavioral health practices. It supports seamless integration with pharmacies, labs, and diagnostic equipment to store all the information in a centralized location. User reviews also vouch for the fact that it allows providers to manage everything from a single location. 
  • This electronic medical records software ensures quality reporting and utilizes an integrated DATUM* technology to make it much simpler and natural. This is where physicians can write in their own language while the software generates automated reports based on the used clinical parameter. Psychiatrists can use this software solution on any handheld or iOS device.
  • It also allows you to go paperless and scan all your paper records with ease. You can securely import patient charts and demographics with sensitive information.
  • The software supports automated reporting and tracking to improve practice quality and reimbursements.

Final thoughts

Praxis EMR software is an award-winning, AI-driven, and affordable electronic medical records solution that currently serves thousands of psychiatrists throughout the US and worldwide. It is a one-stop-solution for psychiatry practices as it has received multiple positive mentions from users for its powerful functionalities. The software’s comprehensive suite of features helps physicians effortlessly digitize patient health information in order to achieve a modern healthcare facility. In the end, we recommend reading as many Praxis EHR reviews as possible to understand whether the software matches your practice requirements.


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