Shot of female doctor waving and talking with colleagues through a video call with a laptop in the consultation.

Telemedicine has made contact with my doctor so easy! I am grateful for such an invention because it really made it simple and easy to connect with our doctors from any place in the world.

In my opinion, it is essential to build a relationship of trust with my doctor, because it gives me rest and comfort to talk to my doctor about everything. I find it hard to build a new relationship with a new doctor, especially since I am suffering from a chronic disease, which is hypertension. So having continued follow-ups are important to prevent any complications or side effects. Also, I need to check monthly with my doctor if the medication is working well or if he needs to change it.

And being a full-time employee doesn’t always allow you to visit the doctor in the clinic, so I had sometimes to take a day off or cancel all my weekend plans in order to visit him. I couldn’t manage my time better, so this thing stressed me a lot, and stress is not convenient in my case.

So I decided to talk to my doctor, who works at Novomed in Abu Dhabi, and ask him if possible to reduce the number of follow-ups. So during my last consultation, I talked to my doctor about this situation and how managing my time stressed me. He understood my conditions, but he ensured me that follow-ups are essential every month.

At that point, he suggested having them online. I asked him “how?” He told me that Novomed has a great option for their patients and doctors, which is telemedicine. He explained that we can have our online consultation through the Novomed website, while each one of us is staying at his place.

I think it was a great option, especially since I don’t have to come to the clinic, so I will be able to manage my time better and have my monthly follow-up without canceling or changing any event on my monthly schedule.

I tried the online consultation last month, and yeah it was a success! How amazing!


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