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Palmetto state armory is one of the very few manufacturers that makes AK-47 rifles in America. And the reason why people prefer buying rifles from palmetto state armory is that they offer them at reasonable prices. That allows any person who has a craze for rifles or guns to buy them easily. But that’s true too that some people think that their rifles are not good or reliable, it’s a big debate which I don’t want to do. Every person has their own choice but, in my opinion, I don’t think that I can get such a great quality AK-47 rifle at such remarkable prices. So, to whom do you believe? Me or people who say that their rifles are not reliable? 

Everything has pros and cons but if you are getting a good quality rifle at an affordable price then you should not miss this opportunity. Let’s make it easy for you, by telling you some pros and cons of weapons from the palmetto state armory and then you can decide whether to make a purchase from them or not. 

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Advantages Of Buying Guns From PSA 

I’ll tell you all the advantages that you can get if you choose this brand to buy rifles for yourself, have a look. Also, look for palmetto state armory discount code.

You Are Getting Great Deals From The PSA Brand 

If you are familiar with this brand then you might know that palmetto state armory offers daily new deals for a limited time offer. They update their deals and discount offers daily on their site, to get more traffic on their site. It is also one of the reasons why pools like this brand and prefer doing shopping from this PSA brand. They only put those items on sale that are available in huge stock in their warehouse. To deliver them quickly without any delay in shipment. Because many people complain about this (we will discuss the disadvantages). The prices of Palmetto state armory’s gear are so good that you can get complete rifles for around 500 – 550 dollars, and that’s a fair deal to take. PSA DAILY DEALS are something you would love to check. 

Outstanding Quality

Palmetto state armory is popular for the high quality of guns that they offer. Palmetto sourced parts from other manufacturers however they also make some of their components. They try to buy in bulk to offer good prices to their customers. It is one of the reasons why they offer low prices and people think that they might be compromising on quality. Special tool solutions, spartan forge, DC machine, are some of their sourced parts partners. You can trust them blindly for its quality because PSA doesn’t compromise on the quality they offer. They aim to provide the best yet high-quality gear but at affordable prices so that anyone who likes such things can easily afford them. 

Great Customer Care Service 

As a customer the first thing we need from a brand is surety, right? If a brand backs their product with a warranty and a quick customer complaint response then everybody loves to shop from such brands. Palmetto State Armory is one of them that gives you confidence and a lifetime warranty on products and fantastic quick customer care services. And it is not a paid review, I’m genuinely saying it. You can also read reviews of other people on google too if you have doubts. Their customer care service is fantastic and top-notch in the field of this industry. The company never hesitates to help you with your queries. Whether it is about replacing parts or any other problem, the PSA customer team loves to help you out. That’s why people love to shop for guns and other gear from the Palmetto state armory. Palmetto state armory stands behind its product and will make things right if you have any problem related to the product. 

Some Disadvantages Of Buying Gears From Palmetto State Armory 

Well, if there are pros to something then there are cons too, same goes with PSA. 

Delayed Or You Can Say Slow Shipping 

One of the major disadvantages of shopping at Palmetto state armory is the slow shipping that customers complain about. You can’t get your parcel to be delivered in a short period, as it requires almost 5 – 7 days if you order it on Monday. However, if you are buying from their daily deal offer then you can get them within a few days. If you want your parcel quickly then you need to pay an extra shipping cost that promises to deliver your parcel within 2- 3 days. Delayed shipping can’t be unreasonable, it is because of the short storage in their warehouse. And it is the reason why they put only such stuff on daily deals that are available in vast quantities, to deliver quickly.   

Slow Service 

Their customer service is indeed superb once you get in touch with any of their customer representatives. Palmetto state armory is an American-based country and it is not expanded in other countries that’s why it takes some time to contact and get a response from their customer care. However, once you get in contact with their team member your issue will be solved but waiting for the response from their team is quite a boring and long process. You need to show some patience, and once successfully get a response from the team member then boom!!

Basic Rifles 

For those who want an updated rifle then it is a con for such people because palmetto state armory rifles are basic and simple. I’m not saying that their basic rifle is useless, they are effective for sure but in fact, they don’t come with tons of features. If you want something a little more high-end right out of the box, then this brand does offer a few models with stainless steel barrels. Palmetto state armory has a range of options but this brand is generally known for offering reliable basic rifles at affordable prices. 


As you have read all the pros and cons now it would be easy for you to decide whether to buy from PSA or not. Maybe you might have noticed that all the cons are not related to the quality of the product, they are all related to service. Palmetto state armory rifles are cost-effective, they are not for everyone but people who want to build a super tactical rifle can buy from Palmetto state armory. And trust me you won’t regret waiting for your delivery once you receive it.

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