Custom Magnetic closure rigid Boxes

Magnetic closure rigid boxes are commonly in use for presenting any brand. They are especially perfect for high-end products. People like to use paperboard, Kraft, chipboard and other popular choices, but not all the materials go well with all kinds of products. You need to educate yourself about various packaging materials before making the most suitable magnetic boxes for your business.

Basic Materials for the Structure of Magnetic Closure Rigid Boxes

There are a lot of different kinds of materials that are in use for making magnetic closure rigid boxes. Every material has its distinct features. Here are some of the materials that you can use for such boxes.

Rigid Material

One of the most popular materials for magnetic boxes is rigid. It is the most versatile material and helps in creating a premium-quality look. This material is ideal for shipping clothes, books, and toys, among other things, as it can bear pressure and provide the best protection.

Kraft Paper

This is another material that is in use for the manufacturing of packaging boxes. Kraft paper is strong, and you can fold or flat it without changing its shape. The main benefit of this kind of packaging is the price, which depends on how much you buy at once and what grade or quality level it has been prepared to. So for a low-cost packaging solution, this is ideal. Airfood recipe

Corrugated Fiberboard 

Corrugated fiberboard is a cardboard type that is also in common use for custom magnetic closure rigid boxes. They are suitable in the case of delicate and fragile products because of their high protection. It protects more than Kraft paper, so you can have this material for your boxes if you’re sending fragile items or things that need extra padding, like electronics or mirrors, etc.


Cardboard is another good option that you can consider for your packaging solution. At first glance, cardboard boxes might look weak, but good cardboard is strong, durable, and can take a surprising amount of damage. Thus, this makes the material suitable for the transportation of goods from one place to another.


Chipboard, which is also called “paperboard,” is a material that is usually made from used paper. It is thin and light, like cardboard. Chipboard boxes are both hard and soft, so they are easier to fold, cut, and shape than corrugated cardboard boxes.

Materials to Enhance the Design of Magnetic Closure Rigid Boxes

Other than the basic material for structure, you can also add this thing to the inside of the magnetic box to increase the safety level or to have a premium appearance for the customers. Some of the materials that you can add to your magnetic closure rigid boxes wholesales are the following:

PU Leather Material

Reputable brands tend to apply a PU leather layer on the outer side of the rigid boxes to give a premium look. This will also protect the inside product and stand the product from other brands. PU leather costs less than real leather. And PU doesn’t absorb water, so it’s easy to clean. There are many distinct colours and styles of PU leather that you can have according to your bard image. You can have this kind of leather layering for products like wallets, jewellery, watches, etc. In short, this additional material gives a superior presentation to your packaging box.


These are sheets of plastic that are usually present in boxes that serve food, like restaurants and fast-food joints. They keep heat out very well, so they are great for frozen foods and anything else where temperature control is important. Moreover, you can also add this lining to your boxes to avoid water absorption as it is water resistant and durable. Therefore, adding polythene lining provide long-lasting protection.

Silk paper

Another famous lining material for these is silk. You can use silk paper in a lot of different ways. You can use it for both fancy and practical packaging. Your product will be protected by silk paper, and it will also fill up the empty space in the outer carton. The premium look of the silk also gives a pleasant look on opening the box.

Paper lining

Paper liners are an eco-friendly way to keep fresh food, drinks, and medicines at a stable temperature while they are being shipped. The paper is good for the environment, and you can reuse it easily. It’s a type of lining that is in use these days. You can have a paper lining for a variety of products for additional protection.

Foam lining

This is another common material that you can add to your packaging boxes. Foam inserts are light, absorb shock, and return energy to give your products the best protection possible while looking very professional. Foam inserts can absorb shock, which makes them a great way to protect glass, jewellery, electronics, and other fragile items. Because it comes in different densities and types, you can use it for a wide range of things and can help your luxury goods stand out by making them look better.


When it comes to shipping and storing things, the packaging material of your box is one of the most important things to think about. The right kind of material can help with a lot of different things, like making sure your product gets to its destination in good shape and stopping damage or theft at a warehouse. Likewise, you can have magnetic closure rigid boxes in various materials depending upon the requirements of your brand, product and your budget. Your choice will depend on the kind of product you’re selling and on what you like best.


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