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You’re missing out as a small business if you haven’t jumped on the new buzzword in digital marketing – ‘local searches’. With the internet’s unparalleled usage levels and online competition, now is the time to find local SEO specialists and take control in your local area.

Getting fully optimised for local searches is the best way to drive local traffic to your site. People use search engines to find what they want quickly, with a phonebook primarily sitting next to a house phone or in a drawer these days. There are many online platforms and ways to gain more local exposure than you currently have. 

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Diligent and comprehensive SEO has to go into each page, and here are some ways you can help boost your presence in local searches.

So here are 11 Tips to Improve Your Local SEO Ranking

1. Register your Google Business Listing – If you have not already done so, Click on this link to activate your Google Business Profile. 

Take your time once registered and ensure your information is correct. Include suitable photos, product offerings, coupons, and videos. Make sure you utilise your keywords in the descriptive fields but remember Google has new rules, so don’t overdo it. 

Also, setting up accounts with Yahoo Local and Bing Local offer similar benefits and setup to Google. 

2. Start Optimising your Google Profile – You will obtain a higher ranking on Google Maps, which is crucial to getting your local SEO right.  

3. Geo-Targeted Keywords – Optimised – In your meta, meta tags, h2 and content, be sure to include your city name.

4. Include ‘Contact Us’ and ‘About Us’ Pages Targeting Local Search – You can include your contact information, such as your business hours, directions, maps etc. Also, for restaurants, this is a chance to add your menu and showcase your address and contact details again. 

5. Getting Rated – People are looking for other people’s reviews and ratings more than ever. After the massive success in the last decade-plus, TripAdvisor 5-star reviews can mean the difference between physical and online traffic. So encourage reviews on your website and any promotional outreach, social media platforms or mailing lists. 

6. Time For a Social Media Facelift – In recent years, Google has started using social media platforms to rank websites. So it’s a tool that helps get viewers and subscribers; it naturally is perfect with local SEO optimising, so maybe time to update it, add new content, a new blog and more. 

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7. More Than One Location? – Have Different Landing Pages – Are you a small franchise or have more than one location? Then create separate landing pages and optimise each using your keywords in the right places. 

8. Garner Good Backlinks From Relatable Businesses – Find businesses in your niche or at least your industry and reach out to them. See if they will let you post industry information on their website. If so, this will build credible backlinks referring to your products and services, helping the SERPs to rank you higher. 

9. Directory Listings – Sign Up – Citations from business directories are a great way to go; these provide strong links that make you easy to find and help ranking power.

Yelp and Yellow Pages Online are two that are easy to find and use, and when searching, you’ll find plenty more.  

10. Get Mobile-Friendly – Google, since 2021, now base their initial web crawling and indexing of your pages and subsequent ranking from your mobile site. So this is no longer an added option.

More people search online using mobiles than laptops and desktops combined in 2022. People are constantly on the go and need local information fast on their mobiles. You want to be seen online if they are searching in your area.   

Optimising your mobile version can be a little out of many business owners’ depths. It is advisable to use local SEO services and find an SEO agency with experience in the local area. 

11. Old-Skool Advertising Still Works in Smaller Cities – Doing a local ad or sponsoring a local sports event is still a good way of getting brand awareness. Even if they don’t recognise you, the next time they search, it will click, and that’s what marketing is about: subliminal signals. 

Tapping into your local online search market can be much more rewarding for your business than just word of mouth in the immediate area. People can see you are within the distance they are willing to travel for what you provide, so get optimised.  


After the pandemic, some businesses may be light on staff, and business owners find SEO now to be more than they can handle and effectively run a business. Search for local SEO specialists to help you with the mounting local search competition that is taking place in 2022 and beyond. Good luck.

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