Is CBD Vape Pen The Quickest Method For CBD Intake?
Is CBD Vape Pen The Quickest Method For CBD Intake?

The introduction of e-cigarettes into the market significantly changed the industry. And when the vapes became rechargeable and refillable, more people started to use vaping. And now, there’s a new contender in the arena, the disposable vapes. So naturally, many are fond of this type of vape. And slowly, this new type of vape is capturing the market share of the e-cigarette industry.

Do you want to know what a disposable vape is? And why are people showing interest in this new type of vape? 1p Isd

Good, because you will find all the answers in this article. So, read on and understand the meaning of vaping and its advantages.

What is a disposable vape?

A disposable vape is a one-time-use e-cigarette. This vape doesn’t need any maintenance or setup; you can buy it and start vaping. Vape is simple, and the disposable ones are composed of an integrated atomizer (hs cartridge, vape, juice, coil, and mouthpiece), battery and an LED light indicator.

Vapes have already become a common thing at parties and social gatherings. People now prefer vapes over cigarettes, which is a good thing.

These vapes are available in different styles and shapes, like balm shape, crayon-like pen style, etc. So you can choose your vape as per your liking.

A typical vape that’s single-time use has the following:

  • Food grade mouthpiece
  • 1.0ml
  • Oil Tank
  • LED Indicator
  • A Grade Battery

Now, let’s see the advantages of single-time use vape:

Compact and easy to use

The single-use vapes are trending in the market now. As people have already vaped using e-cigarettes, the disposable one was a change of scene. However, as mentioned before, this vape cannot be recharged; it is only used once, and you need to throw it away.

Disposable vapes being a use-and-throw product, they can be made thinner or of a compact size. A typical e-cigarette will have the usual parts you have to open and close and another to open for refilling. The reusable e-cigarettes are usually thicker and not that easy to carry in pockets. At the same time, the disposable ones are mostly thin and long.

Less harmful than smoking the standard cigarettes

So, is the vape safe? Should you be vaping? Well, vaping is way better and safer than the standard cigarette. This is because vapes do not release smoke; they release 95% less harmful vapour than smoking.

You can adjust the nicotine strength/level.

The disposable vapes contain vegetable glycerin, propylene, nicotine, and flavours. And the best part is that all these ingredients are adjustable. As per TDP Compliance, the maximum strength of nicotine in vape juice is 20mg (2%).

This feature is excellent for people trying to quit smoking. They can start using these vapes and slowly start decreasing the nicotine content. This method is great because a sudden stoppage of smoking may affect a person’s brain and mood. You will also see withdrawal symptoms. Hence, People use vapes as a remedial method to eliminate smoking. Some addiction treatment includes the same methodology, And this is the safest method for de-addiction.

These are the advantages of using disposable vapes. There are a few more points that can be listed below:

  • No maintenance or moving parts/complications
  • No odour
  • As much as flavours you want
  • Affordable and cost-effective


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