Kingston is frequently overshadowed by the larger Ontario cities of Toronto and Ottawa, but this waterfront city has much to offer. It is home to the Rideau Canal as well as the Saint Lawrence River and Lake Ontario. Kingston is one of Ontario’s most exciting destinations, with so many outdoor experiences as well as an excellent nightlife and music scene. Although it is frequently overlooked in favour of its more well-known neighbours, Kingston is renowned for its natural beauty and outdoor recreation, a thriving arts culture, and a rich and storied history rooted in military ties.

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1 Cycling Tours

Biking, both on and off the road, is one of the best ways to get outside and enjoy the great Canadian outdoors in Kingston. The scenery is breathtaking everywhere, whether you stick to the downtown paths or venture inland to explore some of Kingston’s dense forests and rolling hills. You can also book a cycling tour of Kingston to see the Murney Tower, Kingston City Hall, Kingston Waterfront, Kingston Pen, and many other historic sites. Cycling is an excellent way to explore one of Ontario’s most beautiful areas.

2 Go Paddling

The Kingston waterfront stretches for eight kilometres and has several access points for kayaking or Paddleboarding. Paddling here provides views of some of Kingston’s most iconic landmarks, such as City Hall, Fort Henry, and the Kingston Penitentiary. The Thousand Islands region also has a plethora of paddling opportunities. Consider camping or renting a houseboat for an unforgettable overnight trip, followed by a kayak tour with 1000 Islands Kayaking.

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3 Kingston City Hall

Kingston’s beautiful City Hall is one of the city’s most photographed landmarks. This Canadian National Historic Site, located across from the Visitor’s Centre and Confederation Park, offers guided tours of the 1844 building. Visit Lake Ontario Park, the public market at Springer Market Square, and ice skating in the winter. 

4 Martello Tower

Kingston has four Martello Towers. The British built Martello Towers to house artillery between 1810 and 1847. Murney Tower, Shoal Tower, Cathcart Tower, and Fort Frederick Tower are the towers in Kingston. Only the Murney Tower and the Fort Friedrich Tower are accessible to the general public. Only 11 Martello Towers remain standing, and Kingston has four! Another location we’ve visited is in Saint John, New Brunswick.

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5 Martello Alley

You don’t have to engage in some sort of adrenaline-pumping outdoor activity to enjoy Kingston. With the waterfront, historic limestone buildings, and green trees all around, the downtown streets are extremely walkable and scenic. Martello Alley is a unique Kingston attraction that is modelled after a classic French scene, complete with a courtyard, balconies, and artists’ works on display. This artist collective is a fantastic way to explore local art while also supporting the local economy.

6 Pumphouse Museum

The PumpHouse Museum, located on the Kingston waterfront, provides an intriguing look inside some of Canada’s original waterworks. Take a tour to see a large collection of steam engines and learn how the first steam-powered pumps brought clean water to Kingston residents. This family-friendly attraction also has a massive collection of model trains, including an O-scale train with multiple levels! Aside from the trains and steam pumps, the museum also provides walking tours of the historic buildings on Ontario Street.

7 Agnes Etherington Art Centre

The Agnes Etherington Art Centre, located on Queen’s University’s beautiful campus, houses over 16,000 pieces of Canadian and European art in eight galleries. Some of the artwork is from the 14th century! The centre, which opened in 1957, is widely regarded as having one of the most diverse and extensive collections of any university-affiliated gallery in Canada. The Agnes Etherington Art Centre is always free, making it one of the most popular attractions in Kingston, Ontario.

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