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The importance of having your air ducts cleaned cannot be overstated; an unclean system can be detrimental to the quality of your indoor air and, potentially, to your health. To help you determine whether or not your air ducts need cleaning, we’ve put together this list of 10 signs that the system in your home may need a cleaning service. If you see any of these signs in your home, it’s important to call us right away to schedule an appointment!

1) Why Air Duct Cleaning is Important

Air duct cleaning services are important to your home and health, as many people do not realize that they should get their air ducts cleaned. Regular air duct cleaning is also a necessity because dust can build up over time, providing a perfect environment for mold growth. A proper cleaning can prevent airborne illnesses such as allergies and asthma attacks. If you are looking to hire an air duct cleaning company, here are 10 signs that it’s time for your service For more information on how to find professional air duct cleaning services near you, contact local businesses today! You can find out if there is a difference between air duct cleaning companies by researching them online or asking friends and family for referrals. After finding several companies in your area, contact them with questions about their business policies, procedures and experience. Once you have found an experienced company, ask about prices so that you will know what to expect when they come out to clean your system.

2) Hire a Professional

If you are experiencing symptoms like chronic asthma, allergies, or other respiratory issues, it may be time to hire a professional air duct cleaning company. Unfortunately, some people try to do air duct cleaning themselves; however, these do-it-yourselfers often find that they have created more problems than they solved by aggravating their allergies and spreading dust and dirt around their homes. If you’re ready to hire a professional company for your air duct cleaning needs, contact _____. They will inspect your home and help you determine whether or not your air ducts need to be cleaned. They can also schedule service with a few simple clicks online! Hiring a professional company is definitely worth it if you want to breathe easier in your own home.

3) Know When to Hire a Professional

If you can see debris, dirt or anything that doesn’t belong in your ducts, then it’s probably time to get them cleaned. Ideally, you should hire a professional to clean your air ducts once a year—and more often if you have pets or smoke in your home. If you notice any of these 10 signs, contact a local air duct cleaning company for an inspection and cleaning . You may even want to make it part of your regular maintenance routine. After all, there are few things better than breathing fresh air from clean ducts!

4) Allergies and Illnesses

According to a 2009 report by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), up to 20% of households have air duct cleaning companies perform service annually. By limiting pollutants in your home, you can prevent these illnesses and allergies from occurring. Air duct cleaning companies will keep your system clean and free of contaminants, which will make you breathe easier. Some symptoms of air duct issues include constant sneezing or coughing; headaches or migraines; itchy skin or red eyes; and irritated throat or nose. When you’re ready for professional help, hire an experienced company that offers quality services at affordable prices. After all, healthy homes start with clean air ducts! When choosing an air duct cleaning company, consider

5) Moving into a New Home or Apartment

When moving into a new home or apartment, you may notice that your heating and cooling system doesn’t seem to be working as well as it should. Or perhaps your HVAC equipment never seems to have enough power to make your home comfortable year-round. These could be signs that you need duct cleaning services.

6) Dirty Air Filters

A dirty air filter is one of many symptoms of a clogged air duct. If you suspect that your air filters are dirty, be sure to clean them regularly (at least once per month). If you live in an especially dusty area, it’s a good idea to replace your filters monthly. Dirty air filters can lead to bigger problems later down the road. For example, if you have allergies or asthma and don’t take care of your air filters regularly, those conditions may get worse over time. It’s also important to note that some areas have laws requiring homeowners to change their furnace and/or air conditioning filters every 30 days.

7) Mold in the Air System

You can’t see it and you can’t always smell it, but mold is an insidious enemy that requires constant vigilance. Not only does mold make your home more susceptible to problems such as pest infestations, but it also creates health risks for you and your family. It’s smart to call in a professional air duct cleaning company at least once a year if you live in an area with high humidity and regular rain or snowfall. Here are 10 signs your duct system needs immediate cleaning

8) Dusty Heating/Cooling System

If you turn on your air conditioning or heating system and it smells musty, there’s a good chance your ducts are coated with dust. Even if it’s not visible, assume that at least some of your ductwork needs to be professionally cleaned by an air duct cleaning company. According to EPA estimates, between 15 and 20 percent of homes in America have dirty air ducts.

9) Crawl Spaces and Vents are Dirty

The ductwork in your crawl space is more than likely exposed to a lot of dust and debris from activities like vacuuming and sweeping. Not only is dirt, hair, and dust a breeding ground for mold and mildew, but it’s also very important that you pay attention to what’s in your vents. Over time lint can build up and become too thick for air to travel through.

10) Potential Structural Damage

The air duct system in your home is a critical part of your heating and cooling system. After many years, dust, dander, and other particulates can build up inside these ducts, interfering with normal airflow. This can lead to efficiency problems that increase your energy bills—and might also indicate damage to HVAC components (like fans or motor mounts) that could require more serious repairs. If you notice reduced air flow or increased fan noise, it’s time to call a professional for an inspection.

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If you have to ask yourself if you need air duct cleaning, then there’s a good chance you do. Dirt and dust from your indoor environment enter your home through your heating and cooling system’s supply vents. Our trained technicians will walk you through our steps for cleaning them; make sure that when we leave, your family is breathing clean, fresh air again.


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