Alpenkraft Shower
Alpenkraft Shower

I previously had an identical shower head. It was a cheaper plastic model, about half the price.

Here, the 3 levels could only be adjusted with tact from the beginning.

Particularly noteworthy in the case of alpine power are:

– the solid workmanship,

– the 3 levels can be easily adjusted,

– the water actually feels “softer”

– and the temperature controller of the shower could be reset by a few degrees.

Obviously, some heat was lost when passing through the previous shower head.

Delivery and packaging impeccable. Instantly connected and … Pure disappointment. From the shower head came only a few weak threads. Shower head screwed on to insert the enclosed replacement metal disc. And lo and behold, in the shower head 2 panes were inserted 🙂 you have to come up with it first. So a disc out, screwed back together and … A completely new shower experience. Highly recommended. Is definitely worth the extra charge to cheap alternatives. Of course, it is not possible to say immediately whether the stated low water consumption is correct. But it is unlikely if the shower time is now extended.

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I don’t have a particularly high water pressure at home and with my old shower I often had difficulties, especially when dyeing hair, to wash all the paint residues off my head again. With the Alpenkraft shower this is no longer a problem! By simply switching directly on the shower head, you can also comfortably hold the shower with one hand, while with the other hand you divide the hair apart to clean the scalp. Even when showering, the jet feels soft and yet strong, my children also like to use the shower very much. Great product, I wouldn’t have expected!

What does Stiftung Warentest say?

According to our research, there are still no official tests or studies on the shower head at Stiftung Warentest. But the manufacturer, of course, has carried out tests. There it was found that up to 40% less water is consumed. And this is like the same shower behavior with a normal and conventional shower head.

Alpenkraft Shower Head Experiences

The experiences of the users are consistently positive. On the one hand, users were able to determine that showering is pleasant on the skin. And on the other hand, less lime on the tiles in the bathroom and above all the most important point, the water consumption could be reduced. Although the shower behavior has not changed.

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Alpenkraft effect and functions

Probably the most important feature of the shower head is the filter function through the mineral stones. In two chambers of the shower special and special mineral stones are enclosed. When showering, the water is then shot through the two chambers. Here, only a part – not all – of lime is then released to the mineral stones. As a result, for example, less lime gets to the tiles.

According to the manufacturer, the mineral stones should be replaced after about 6-8 months. They can’t get bad, but the mineral stones become smaller and the color becomes grayish. As a result, the antibacterial, mineralizing and pH-neutral effect may wear off somewhat after a few months.


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