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Realme was first launched in 2010 under the name “Realme “. It’s a Chinese brand. Prior to 2018, it was a sub-brand of the Realme brand. Debuted in Real Me in May 2018. In the same year I.h November 2018 Realme released its first official phone. Since 2018, Realme has been specially recognized in every country in the world including Bangladesh. Realme officially launched in Bangladesh in his 2022.

How much does Realme Mobile cost?

Realme all phone price in Bangladesh for his Realme mobile phones in Bangladesh start at Tk 10,000, while new high-end models are at least Tk 20,000. It has a large Full HD display and plenty of memory. Compare your budget and all Realme models to choose your desired Realme smartphone.

What makes Realme Mobile better?

Realme became very popular in Bangladesh in a short period of time thanks to its stylish appearance, slim body design, live camera, long battery life and many other features. Here are some of the features of Realme phones:

1. Realme phones are especially popular due to their strong performance. These phones have powerful processors that seamlessly display high-quality video and high-definition graphic content.

2. Realme always knows the camera. Realme has used high-end cameras since its first phone. Realme used a 13-megapixel main camera and an 8-megapixel selfies camera in its first smartphone. So it’s easy to understand that Realme has chosen a quality camera for its mobile phone from the beginning, which has many advanced features that allow it to take professional-quality photos and videos. It also supports panorama and HDR to make your photos and videos more vivid.

3. Realme beautifully designs every phone. Realme comes in a variety of colors, Gorilla Glass, and squeezable shapes. When using a mobile phone, it often slips out of the hand. However, the Realme smartphone has rounded corners and a slim profile that makes it easier to hold and less slippery. The screen is covered with Gorilla Glass to enhance touchscreen security. As a result, even if the phone falls out of your hand, the screen will not break directly.

4. Realme has long released full screen at a very affordable price, which many considered to be expensive. But Realme proved everyone wrong a few years ago by creating a cheap full screen. And now there is a growing demand for full screen display in Bangladesh.

5. Realme is one of the top ranked smartphone brands in terms of battery life. Realme started with a 3000mAh+ battery. Demand for BDs is increasing day by day as the capacity of batteries increases. Realme has a battery saver mode option on all their phones that lets you add an extra day of battery backup. You can enjoy videos and other work for a long time without interruption.

check All Mobile Price in Bangladesh

in this article, we will see that all phone price in Bangladesh have a great impact on the country. People are now much more focused on price than before. Brands are trying to set the best mobile phone price in Bangladesh to get most consumers. This trend will continue to evolve over time.


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