Beauty is the most important thing in life. It is already true in the creation of Nature, but in human life and culture it requires a deliberate creative enterprise if we are to be able to demonstrate any quality of beauty in our lives and in what we create.


Beauty is a harmonious quality whether combined with design in architecture, color in painting, costume and music in ballet, harmony and melody in music, or perfection of form. in sculpture. It is recognized for its excellence in mechanics, engineering and space science as more abstract sciences and mathematics.

Both idealism and material realism have always had to coexist and in art, when they have been successfully twinned within the nature of the artist, they have been responsible for creations of infinite magnitude that feed the air.

Classical Art

Classical art was always considered to be inspired by the “muses” or gods of inspiration whose purpose was to influence man to mediate the expression of certain powers or spiritual truths. The muses are associated with, or seen as analogous to, the angelic consciousness of beings that inhabit spheres beyond the human plane of existence. These beings are closer to heaven and are therefore seen as more refined and ethereal than our everyday world that we walk through and possess our personality.

An artist in a work must have a muse, be it human or spiritual, otherwise his creation is likely to be branded as a manifestation of poor condition. This is evidenced by hundreds of examples in galleries and foyers showing the artist’s confusion, his bias, or is actually the product of mental illness or an outlet for his own sub-demon intellect and unresolved internal conflicts.

To create beauty we must be inspired by beauty, be it good forms, feelings, thoughts or spiritual aspirations. It is no coincidence that some of humanity’s most beautiful surviving creations from ages past were created as monuments to the highest levels of spiritual, religious, or philosophical thought. And affiliated institutions in the communities have supported and financed these ventures.

With the decline of religion’s powerful pluralistic influence on contemporary life and thought, we tend to stick with our own individual artistic expressions. There is little evidence of great works of beauty created, although large canvases of great commercial value were destroyed and works of art were reduced to commercial objects.

Now that fine art painting is allowed to be reduced to ‘art’, allowing extraneous images, uncensored objects, and various complementary materials other than paints to adhere to the canvas, it must be time to reassess what happens as such with art. meaningless in modern times. It’s eye-opening to try to remember when was the last time you stood in awe of a beautiful modern painting. In general, and unfortunately, it is a rare experience.

When music has no melody or positive emotion and we tolerate the very popular noise of ‘rock’ bands that are the antithesis of harmony and beauty and allow the public to suffer with sounds that are beyond safe levels for the undamaged human ear. it’s time to reevaluate contemporary music. We are lucky to be able to enjoy high-quality classical music as an alternative option.

Social dance has slipped into the primitive mode of separate ‘partners’ rotating according to purpose, having given in to the grace and enjoyment of musical sharing that characterized social dance of the last century. . . . We have lost the national dances in many western countries with little other way to enjoy dancing. Dance or ballet, when cultivated as an art form for performance and public display, has evolved to suit dramatic human dramas rather than the merely romantic tone of ages past. When grace and beauty disappear from the dance, it is an urgent moment to realize that we have lost our way.

When praise is given to writers who describe only the darker sides of human life but deny the proper use of the beauty and richness of our English language, it is an insult to literary art. If we allow low-level material, once censored, we allow negative influences and stressful situations to be fostered in the minds of readers, which in the end can only result in violent behavior. This is not a gift to culture.


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