CRM software is now basically a must, particularly if you’re going to manage remote teams. Even if you adopt a company policy that people can work remotely only 2 or 3 days a week. A lot of the internal systems that were used for years by companies before cloud based CRM software became “a thing” tended to freeze and crash regularly. Windows was completely a pioneer in remote access to PC software development. The first benefit is the speed at which company staff should be able to navigate through the CRM.

When you’re talking about a cloud-based software, navigation speed is determined by the strength of the network connection that each user has. There are other factors that come into play which we will cover shortly. For the most part, as far as speed goes, a good cloud based CRM should be as easy as accessing any other webpage out there. At the same time, you could pick software that allows you to utilize a wide set of tools that may not necessarily be available with a shared drive document or any other simple collaborative work solution that is available on the web. Contact us to learn more.

Picking The Right Cloud

Not all cloud based software is the same. As we’ve been referencing, one of the benefits that you’ll have with a cloud based software is speed. The problem is, if you choose the wrong cloud you could be looking at a speed issue. A small software company that is overloading their cloud capacity can lead to a ton of downtime and CRM crashes. That’s not to say that you should stick to buying software from the top players in the game, like AWS. It’s just kind of a warning so that you take some time to look into the cloud service that you’re thinking about purchasing.

Some of the features that CRM software could include are not necessarily based on the cloud space. If you know though that you’re going to be needing a ton of storage space in their servers to be able to upload all sorts of documents to the CRM then that’s another reason to look closely at the type of cloud service that you’re getting. Some have cheap entry deals but then really make their money when you have to pay for extra storage space. 

What Do You Want Out Of Your CRM Software? 

This would seem like the simplest question that you can ask, and one that everyone has down before they pick a server. That’s not necessarily the case. Do you want safe storage and sharing space to ensure your employees have just the right access to important documents? Your CRM can help you track employee activity on the platform. Is that important to you? Speed, speed and more speed, how can you pick a cloud based CRM that you know won’t freeze and crash constantly? There are a ton of benefits that a cloud based CRM can offer, you just need to make sure that you’re picking the right one.


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