Architecture books are a favourite among architects and non-architects. Even students studying in courses to learn things like residential home design or high-rise building design in Chennai or other places love to read books on architecture. As a student of architecture, you must have a good collection of architecture books in your library. When people read a new book, they will always look for any mistakes or typos in the book. So, before you purchase an architecture book online, read their reviews first. Do not just go after the name of the author because, more often than not, they are written by someone who has nothing to do with the technicalities of actually designing buildings.

The best architecture books are those that can explain the history of architecture so that even if you don’t plan to be an architect, you can still appreciate how it has developed and changed over time. But as great as these books are, there are many more out there. Here’s our list of the best architecture books to read right now:

1. The Architecture of the City

In this book, the author addresses the problem of space in cities. He argues that cities are not empty spaces but rather are filled with people and objects. As a result, he claims that architecture is more than just buildings; it is a way to organise space and create systems for urban life.

2. Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture

In this book, the author addresses the problems of complexity and contradiction in architecture. He argues that there are two types of architectural systems: those that are simple, like a house or a factory, and those that are complex, like a city or an airport. The former can be understood easily, while the latter requires an understanding of its underlying structure and function.

3. Towards a New Architecture

This book is the most important book on architecture you can ever read. It has a very simple, short and concise argument that architecture can be made better by removing its tradition and allowing architects to create something new. This book was one of the first books that made me think that there are no limits to what architecture can do. We do believe this book is not only relevant for architecture students but also for anyone who loves design.

4. Architecture: Form, Space, & Order

This is a book about the history of architecture in general as well as some of the greatest buildings and architects of all time. It’s a great read for anyone interested in architecture, especially if you’re looking for inspiration to create your own work. The author explores how architecture has evolved over centuries and what makes certain buildings so special.

5. Yes is More. An Archicomic on Architectural Evolution

Designers often struggle with what to do next in their creative process. This book gives you some practical advice on how to enhance your ideas with colour and composition before moving forward with your design process. The author also provides an interesting look into the world of architecture through his personal experience as a designer and architect. If you want to learn high-rise building design in Mumbai or any other place, then this book is almost mandatory and is often recommended in the best courses and universities. Visit this page for more info.


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