Recruitment is a tough process that demands building strong candidate connections and being able to stand out from the crowd of monotonous job offers. When it comes to the choice of candidates, many HRs use direct advertising and talent pool databases forgetting about one of the most effective recruitment platforms – LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is not limited to a place where you can create content and show your CV, it is a social media built on the principles of finding the right people, fast. Read on to discover how to cut down your hiring time using LinkedIn connection messages.

How to Send a LinkedIn Connection Message that Gets Results

LinkedIn is a perfect place for hiring candidates as it allows to:

  • Discover new jobs through a referral;
  • Use effective branding tools;
  • Send connection messages;

The latter is the perfect means to catch the attention of the candidate and make him accept your offer. Here are some quick tips on how to achieve this effect: 

  1. Create a First Impression

Compelling first impressions define whether your message is answered or not. We recommend using strong short and catchy subject lines to pay attention to your message. Add a little intrigue and try to answer ”what would make me open this one?”.

  1. Personalize Your Message

Personalization always increases response rates no matter what you are trying to offer. Make your message creative and appealing to the candidate’s needs. Reference their background, hobbies, and achievements which you can find on the profile page. 

  1. Stay Consistent

Remember, your recipient is a person that gets many work invitations every day. In the case of LinkedIn connection messages, the less you write the better. Don’t lay out all your cards on the table, but give enough information to raise interest.

What to Include In Your LinkedIn Connection Request

“Ok, but how do I write it?” you may ask. The basics are similar no matter the circumstances. A message to connect on LinkedIn consists of:


Answer who you are and what you do in a few lines.

Connecting on a mutual topic

Find a common ground before making your offer. Check up their profile on any groups, interests, or mutual connections you could use to break the ice.

Making it Beneficial

Provide the recipient with advantages he’d get after making a connection with you. It’s relatively simple, as growing the network is beneficial for both parties on LinkedIn


Try to end your request with a hook-up that will require an answer. Don’t forget to send the best of regards.

3 Best LinkedIn B2B Connection Message Templates for All Occasions

Overall, the intro messages are similar in their structure. These LinkedIn connection request templates will help you to reach your potential employee. Feel free to modify them to your needs:

Template 1

Hi [first_name]

I found your profile on [event/place_name] and would like to reach out to discuss potentially working together.

I’m a [job_title] at [institution_name] and I’ve been following your [work_name], which really impressed me.

 If you ever have 10 minutes, I’d like to discuss [common_topic_name] in greater detail.

Best of wishes, [your_name]

Template 2

Hello [first_name],

I was impressed by [achievement_name] you put together for [company_name].

I’m an [position_name] at [company_name] and I’m interested in hiring you for a similar project.

If you are interested, let me know, so we can arrange a call to discuss [discussion_matters].

Looking forward to hearing from you, [your_name]

Template 3

Hey [first_name],

I’m reaching out regarding [position_name]. We’re [company_introduction] and we’re on a mission to [company_goal].

I’ve looked through your [portfolio_items] and I’m really impressed with [candidate_skills]. 

I’d love to know if you’re interested, so we can arrange a meeting.

Best wishes to you, [your_name]

These LinkedIn connection request templates would be enough to make the first impression, but how do you find the best candidates? You can find several ones by searching through mutual connections, but the process will probably be time-consuming and tiresome in the long run.

Outreachly will save you oodles of time and increase connections with its revolutionary AI technology. Its AI selects the best LinkedIn connection message based on your prospect’s profile supercharging rates by up to 30%.

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