A free VPN running on Windows sounds like a golden opportunity! But is it really a bargain? Will you be able to enjoy enhanced online security and complete internet freedom? Not really unfortunately. We are surely not going to teach you anything by telling you that no free VPN can come close to the best paid VPNs for Windows. iTop VPN is a good choice, you can try it for free first and then choose a suitable subscription plan.

With a no-cost solution, you will indeed have to deal with a good number of constraints and restrictions. So that you can see more clearly, we will give you our ranking of the best vpn for pc, and then we will discuss the weak points of such an offer.

As we have hinted in the introduction but also in all the presentations of our top 3, free VPNs for Windows (even if they are the best) come with a number of limitations, disadvantages, and weak points.

But what are they exactly?

We offer you a non-exhaustive list of the main weak points related to the use of a free VPN on your computer:

Weak security (you are not immune to IP and DNS leaks, and encryption is often weaker).

Anonymity which is not always respected

Few countries covered (and few servers).

Application that lacks features and is often full of bugs.

No compatibility with the main streaming platforms (TV channel, Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+).

Disappointing speeds, limited data usage via monthly quota (most of the time

Non-existent or very unresponsive customer support

If you are sensitive to one of these constraints, it is a sign that you should not use a free Windows-compatible VPN and rather turn to a paid solution. In this way, you will be able to enjoy an unlimited, professional service, and above all concerned about your online security (it is after all the primary objective of a Virtual Private Network: to secure your exchanges on the Internet).


It’s already time to conclude our ranking of the melhor VPN grátis para PC. We hope that through our various presentations, we have been able to provide you with better visibility on the options to be preferred.

To quickly summarize our thoughts, if you’ve never used a Virtual Private Network and want to find out how it works and what you’ll be using it for, then Proton VPN’s free VPN plan will do just fine.

That said, if you are more demanding, want to take advantage of an unlimited service that will allow you to access blocked or geo-restricted content, and want to benefit from maximum security, then you are better off to turn to best vpn for PC. Although it is basically a paid solution, you will be able to test it and form your own opinion for free. How By making use of its 30-day money-back guarantee.

How to install a VPN on your computer?

By choosing one of the VPNs from our comparison of free solutions, it will be very easy to install everything on your Windows computer. You will only have to download the installation file then run it and follow the steps listed. No particular configuration will be necessary.

Do Windows provide a free VPN?

Windows natively allows you to configure your own VPN, all for free. Now this approach requires networking knowledge. If you do not have one, it is better to opt for one of the free services listed in our comparison dedicated to Windows.


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