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Are you a business that works through social media? You might even be on various virtual shopping sites, such as Etsy or Amazon. They are great places to be, but have you thought about having a website of your own?

If you haven’t, consider it at least now. It is an investment that can expand your business significantly, leading to a myriad of opportunities. Incidentally, web design in Perth has also become fairly affordable in recent years. So, there’s no reason why you should delay it any longer.

Let us first illustrate some of the important opportunities a well-built website can bring you. Perhaps they will give you more clarity.

1. Sign of Credibility

Do you know that a significant percentage of customers expect you to have a website? It shows them that you are a credible source. And when you have a website, people also hesitate less to make a purchase. This is the confidence every business needs to be successful.

You may feel you are already doing great without any website, but when you have one, your business will be even better. More customers will be able to find you!

2. Better Product Showcase

Let’s take Amazon, for example. When a potential customer makes a search, he will see products from different providers at first. Your product may be positioned anywhere, and even when found, the possibility of visiting your dedicated store page is less.

A website, on the other hand, will showcase all your products and services in one place without any distractions. If a customer likes something, he will immediately check it out rather than add it to the cart and forget it for three months.

3. Marketing with SEO

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO in short, is an excellent marketing tool in the 21st century. No matter your target market — local, national, or global — SEO can help you accomplish it. Simply put, it optimises your website for various keywords, hinting to search engines that you are a reliable business. It can bring tons of organic traffic.

Such deep-targeted marketing can only happen when you have a dedicated website. That’s why web design in Perth often moves in tandem with SEO.

4. Customised Shopping Experience

If you go to Amazon or Etsy, you are one in a million virtual stores. There, you have no way to provide a customised shopping experience for your customers. But, on your website, you can do that without limits.

If you want to add an animation, change store colours or pick a funky font, you can do whatever you feel will provide a unique experience for your customers. This makes a memorable impression on them, encouraging them to return over and again.

Customer experience is indispensable in business.

5. Sales without a Transaction Fee

When you make a sale on Amazon or Etsy, they naturally dock your pay with a transaction fee because they have provided a platform for you. To avoid this loss, some hike the prices, which may seem unfair to the customers. This can result in reduced earnings or customers, which matter to all businesses.

However, you don’t have to worry about it if you have your own website. You can freely decide the price range, discounts, and complimentary gifts. It makes for a much better experience for both you and your customers.

6. Direct Communication

Reaching out to you on your website feels more connected rather than on a third party website. It may be a chatbot or a human representative, but every message from your website can be more tailored to your target audience. This enhances their perception of you as a business.

In addition, enabling 24/7 customer support can also have a better impact on your business. Whenever an issue arises, you can guide the customer more effectively, leading to satisfying solutions.

7. Community Building

Today, building communities around brands is one of the most thoughtful initiatives. It brings people together from various walks of life, helping them find efficient solutions. However, this is not done well from a third party website.

Comparatively, you can achieve this on your own website. You can create events, groups, and forums that help people connect with you and one another. So, it’s another reason why it’s important to build a dedicated website for your business.

8. Multimedia Integration

Lastly, you can integrate various media on your website that help engage your audience in a better way — Social media channels, videos, images, links, and much more. With so much content, your audience will come back to your website every now and then. Contrarily, it can’t be that effective on a third-party site.

So, this presents you with many benefits, such as better user engagement, improved sales, a boost in the SERPs rankings, etc. After all, success is only possible when you can entertain your customers well.

Final Thoughts

You can accomplish much more than what’s visible with a website. We are living in a world where virtual presence has become indispensable, whether you are a professional or a business owner. If you agree, consider meeting a web design professional in Perth and have a website ready.

Make My Website is a name often heard in Perth for web development services. Besides, it also offers many other digital services, including SEO. So, it serves as a one-stop solution for all your digital marketing needs.

Visit their website right now for more information on their services. Good luck!


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