Latest LG fridge
Latest LG fridge

LG has developed really intelligent refrigerators. You can easily operate your refrigerator using a smartphone while you’re not at home. You may adjust the temperature, manage Express Freeze, and even identify small problems at the touch of a button. These kinds of features simplify your lives while letting you maintain control. You may have heard of several brands’ appliance offers, such as the Whirlpool refrigerator offers. These companies reduce prices and provide no-cost EMI options during festive seasons to grab customers’ attention. 

But the LG fridge offer is different. You will get the best quality material at a minimal price. The quality will serve you longer than any other brand. Make sure you go through Bajaj Mall to get the best LG product. Consider upgrading to a smart refrigerator like LG’s new Linear Cooling refrigerators this year if you want to make the most of the Diwali season. The refrigerator will keep your food healthier, and your drinks chilled anytime you need them.

Here is a challenge that probably everyone has encountered at some point. The refrigerator can only hold a portion of the food you end up buying. You can’t find out how to handle the remaining material. LG has now discovered a remedy for this as well. The freezer compartment can now be quickly transformed into a refrigerator with the push of a button. LG thought about your convenience and innovated this quick transformation. Bajaj Mall also thought about your budget and came up with LG fridge offer during this Diwali season. 

LG is renowned for its capacity to preserve food freshness. This company became one of the top refrigerator manufacturers in India. It offers four different kinds of refrigerators such as side-by-side, bottom freezer, double door, and single door. Its refrigerators have anti-bacterial filters that keep food fresh and nutritious for a longer period. Top-ranking brands’ offers, such as the Whirlpool refrigerator offer, are available during this Diwali season. But the LG fridge offer ranks at the top. So, grab the top-ranking offer and get the benefits of it.

Here are the best deals with the best LG fridges:

LG 725 L (GR-B24FWSHL) – 

This LG refrigerator has French doors built into its design and a 725 L capacity. The features of this refrigerator include two distinct compartments for fruits and vegetables. It also has fresh, hygienic technology to preserve the food’s freshness and digital sensors to regulate the temperature. It is supported by an inverter linear compressor that has a 20-year certification and a 10-year warranty. The EMI starts at Rs. 3,333 per month for this refrigerator.

LG 889 L (GR-J31FWCHL) – 

There is no need to call a service center because this smart refrigerator has a smart diagnosis system to identify problems with the appliance. It comes with advanced features like an ice dispenser, several airflows, a moist balance crisper, and an inverter linear compressor. The EMI amount is Rs. 3,333 per month if you purchase this refrigerator.

LG 889 L (GR-J31FTUHL) – 

An inverter linear compressor is used in this LG model to lessen noise and conserve energy. The refrigerator includes several cooling air vents that evenly distribute cool air to every appliance corner. You can easily regulate the temperature, turn on express freezing, and identify any issues with your refrigerator with the accessibility of your smartphone. The EMI amount is Rs. 3,333 per month if you purchase it on credit. This 2-star device comes with a 1-year warranty on the product.

LG 284 L (GL-T302RPOY) – 

This LG refrigerator’s auto-defrost function helps avoid ice buildup within the appliance. The refrigerator uses an inverter compressor to ensure it is quiet, robust, and energy-efficient. Additionally, the weight of the food and utensils you store within the refrigerator may be readily supported by the toughened glass shelves. The monthly EMI payment is Rs. 1,649 for this refrigerator.

LG Signature 984 L (GR-Q31FGNGL) – 

This is one of the most popular LG refrigerators and includes an instant view door-in-door feature. It reveals the interior of the refrigerator with just two touches. Thus, you can see the inside without losing any air. The automatic door and drawer opening mechanism opens the doors and drawers when the advanced sensors sense your presence. You can control your fridge using your smartphone because it is Wi-Fi compatible. You can do it when you don’t want to use the modern control panel. This 2-star refrigerator comes with an EMI amount of Rs. 3,333 per month.

There is no better time to buy a refrigerator than Diwali. At Bajaj Mall, we have some great Diwali offers on refrigerators and other home appliances that you can avail online. It’s time to enjoy the festive season with these offers on home appliances.


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