Acrylic keychain

Everyone wants the home and surrounding in is spick and span state. However, sometimes you want to give a makeover to the little things that are otherwise not possible, for example; fridge magnet, badge, wood or Acrylic keychain, diverse stickers, metal pins, Washi tapes, standees, throw pillows, tote bags, lanyards, phone grips that let you choose with privilege.

The good news is, if you are shopping from Vograce, you get the privilege to choose multiple anime peripherals products. Moreover, you can also opt for the customer-tailored personalized design on whichever product you want to have.  Vograce is a reliable place that offers enterprise integration, design, development, production, and sales.

If you are already a fan of anime or looking for the latest collection to give as a present, this article is all that you need to scroll.

In this post, we shall have a look at what Vograce is offering you in its latest collection and how you have a makeover in the recent collection of multiple things. Let’s see!

Custom balancing Tumbler Pen Acrylic holder

This is a pretty cute and aesthetically appealing pen holder that is best if you are a student or have writing work. The decent cutout however the size can be custom-made according to the buyer and that is the biggest bonus.

This acrylic pen holder features a streamlined and straight-line design that looks simplistic.  Moreover, the stability in the overall structure makes sure the firm approach is placed on the tail or on the surface. Its straight-line clear acrylic looks pretty cool on desks and certainly complements the stationery by providing safety.

This acrylic pen holder features 80mm, 120mm, and 45m of overall dimension however you can order to make a custom size pen holder for sure.

You can certainly buy this product at a discount price rate and that allows you to choose more from Vograce. Here is the discount rate price that you get:

Minimum quantity to orderDiscount rate you get
6 +20% off
16 +30% off
50 +35% off
100 +40% off
300 +45% off
500 +50% off
1000 +55% off

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There is a major variety in almost everything. From home to office, school of decorative stuff, and promotional advertisement, Vograce offers you the most alluring quality with the option to keep things customized. The brand always welcomes you to pick and choose your choice with affordable rates and that certainly welcomes everybody to be a regular buyer from Vograce.


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